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Ten Second Tips-Use Sapphire to Bring Hope

March 21, 2017


In addition, picking a specific color will also add to the energy we are attracting. Use the following colors to focus on specific needs:  Blue-calm, Pink-Peace, Yellow-Health, Orange-uplift spirit, Green-abundance/finance, Red-courage/passion. Thank MamaBear! This one is a Gem! Feng Shui – Sapphire Hope is sometimes lacking in today’s world. We all want to get ahead […]

Power Colors: March 14 Tuesday

March 13, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: White, black, crimson, silver The full Moon energy is starting to fade, and we move our emerging Energy focus to weighing our options. Do your research… Be truthful with the most important person in your life….You. the only way to make progress is to move. Regardless of fear, […]

Power Colors: March 13, , Monday

March 12, 2017


Our Full Worm Moon colors to wear today personal energy boosting: Tan, white, lavender, silver This is the moon of beginning to emerge. The energy is about surviving to be reborn. Find the places you need to allow yourself to grow. The areas you have been critical of for too many years. Then show yourself […]

Power Colors: March 2 Thursday

March 1, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Green, aqua, white, purple, crimson Waxing Taurus moon A great day for speaking, sharing ideas. Writing out goals, changing our habits, starting projects, ending things permanently are all favored today. This energy has long lasting power, so be sure you want to make the change or commitment because it will […]

Power Colors: March 1 Wednesday

February 28, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Gold, green, Brown, orange, yellow A high energy day, communication is favored. Some what impatient and fast paced. Good day for using our heads and taking care of them also. All types of rejuvenation are good to focus on. Fruits are great to add to our meals today. Especially Those […]

Power Colors: February 25 Saturday

February 24, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Black, silver, blue, brown Aquarius moon…New Moon Rising! Opportunity for unique solutions and group efforts. Collaborators are favored. Wild ideas and unexpected changes. Surprise and the feeling we need to be free as common. This is a great time to write it goals, make vision boards, write affirmations, and letters […]

May 21, 2015 Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow

May 20, 2015


Hello Gemini! Thursday Power Colors and Energy Flow: White, Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Green The week has been rough, tough and tumble to say the least. Many of us have at least one super challenging event to deal with and much of it has come as a not very pleasant surprise. The change and energy continue […]