Personal Power Tools 03-27-2020 #setyourgoal #solidfoundation #getupandgo

Posted on March 26, 2020



The determined Taurus moon colors our entire day with the drive and passion of the #ariessun . Whatever it is do it! We are full of energy to do, get up and move it and Doooo eettt!

Personal Power Colors: Coral, White, Rose, Pink, Peach, purple

Personal Power Goal: Lay a foundation for the future today. Take any step, small or large toward putting down the groundwork we will build our future on and with. The lasting energy of today will afford a sturdy footing for our future.

Personal Power Tip: This is one of the best days to plant anything you feel like planting. Whether that is seeds or starts for growing plants of ideas, thoughts, step and action toward goals, today is a great to PLANT. #startitup #theamberlight #thebestthing #taurusmoon #besteadfast #takethatstep