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Labor Day Spectacular Flea Market 2014

August 30, 2014


The haul. Gregg, Jessica and I went to the Kentucky State Fairgrounds to the Stewart’s Flea Market today. They have the two buildings of stuff, antiques and then everything else. We got a bit of everything and even why to a cat show competition. It was a fun day and as always a wonderful memory […]

Cat in a Box

August 25, 2014



Venus, Jupiter and the Moon Dance

August 25, 2014


6:00 a.m. Indianapolis Indiana. August 23, 2014 Canon Rebel t3 Tv setting. Manual focus. Several different exposure times.   Breathtaking and a lucky catch for me. I was not expecting them to be so dazzling. It was a bit hazy, however, still strikingly beautiful. Jupiter (above) and Venus (below).

Younique 3D Fiber Lash Masacara

August 21, 2014

2  How to use video       This is one of the best make up products I have used in my life. It is mascara like I have never experienced. It make my lashes thick, full and LONG! I have always been a blue mascara wearer but this really gives my eyes […]

August 2014 Morning Sky Delights-Orion and the Waning Moon

August 20, 2014


    Could I love the heavens more…probably every day. Here is a treat for all of you who were not up before daybreak and for those who were too busy getting ready for the “penitentiary” (work) to enjoy….big Indiana sky love to everyone….enjoy your mid week, the weekend is heading our way, along with […]

Tris Imboden Gave Me His Drumsticks

August 12, 2014


          Gregg and I splurged on going to Chicago in concert this year. It is at least the tenth time we have seen them together. It was such a hot and muggy night. On a Sunday no less. We were not looking forward to the day after but have not been […]

August 2014 Super Full Moon Sunday

August 11, 2014


Here is a view of the super moon as I captured it early Sunday Morning. It was barely visible in Indiana this (Monday) morning, but the effects are being felt everywhere, no matter if it is visible or not. What can “I” do to help those around me? That is the question this energy combo […]

Super Full Moon August 2014

August 9, 2014


And more to come…. Lucky me a beautiful view with a dip in the pool!

August 2014 Super Moon in Indiana

August 9, 2014


When I got home form Mom’s last night the moon was playing peek-a-boo in the clouds. I took a moment to capture some of the fun. As it seems to be the case this year, the fullest day of the moon will be behind cloud cover here in Indiana….Am tired of that. These shots are […]

Roadside Revival

August 8, 2014


When of the last time you saw a tent revival on a corner in Plainfield, Indiana? Has any one been to it this week? The sight of it instantly transported me to the late 1930’s and the dusty, drought laden land where so many evangelists roamed in the last century. I hope it is a […]