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My Bad Back

August 31, 2011


My inherited back troubles have cost me two sick days! I don't like having to use my sick days to be SICK! :o)

Energy Flow Report Monday-Thursday August 29-September 1, 2011

August 29, 2011


What a difference a week can make! This one starts out feeling good and will stay that way. For those who are facing a life chaning event, our thoughts and prayer for strength and guidance are with you.

Energy Flow Report August 26-30, 2011 with Daily Power Colors

August 26, 2011


Anticipation is the keyword for the weekend. Find out which days are the luckiest and how cleaning out a drawer or closet can help!

Stir Up Some Action in Your Life!

August 25, 2011


Add a little nitrous to you life by doing these easy things at home or in the office right now!

Energy Flow Update-Important Info for August 25, 2011

August 24, 2011


Important info about a big, challenging, hairy day tomorrow, with news of when we will see a turn for the better.(which is soon!)

An Indiana Tragedy-The Saga Continues

August 24, 2011


An update and thoughts about the state of the Indiana State Fair Concert tragedy.

Gut Check-How to Hone Your Intuition Now

August 22, 2011


Easy instructions on how to recognize and hone you intuition starting right now.