Personal Power Tools 03-20-2020 #voidofcoursemoon #orangeforgrief

Posted on March 19, 2020



Defying gravity…as we all would love to do about now.

Our surprising, rebellious moon gets a new light from the Aries Sun at 11:00pm EST on Thursday and ushers in our weekend with an early morning #voidofcoursemoon at 5:00am EST. This is a long lasting #voidofcourse moon that goes for over 24 hours until 8:33am EST Saturday. This means the day Friday will be loose, meandering and kind of vague. The Aries Sun will give us a spike of energy with a bit of anger and impatience. Today is a day to do only regular tasks. DO NOT START ANYTHING NEW. If you set appointments they will change later so wait until tomorrow.

Personal Power Colors: Rose, Coral, Pink, White, eggplant

Personal Power Goal: Be sure to take stock of the unusual or odd things that you like and use. If possible, purchase or order that item now as a treat for yourself.

Personal Power Tip: With the almost hourly change in status and information happening we need ways to cope with the overwhelming sense of loss and grief that every person in the entire world is feeling at this time in history. A quick and easy way to uplift our spirit and neutralize grief is by adding the color orange to our life more often. In every way food, clothes, accessories, home furnishing, nature, animals anything we can think of to assist us.