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Weekend Energy Flow Report Sept. 30 thru Oct. 2, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

September 30, 2011


A passionate and fun loving weekend ahead. Find out what to watch for and what ares to use caution in as we enjoy some fun as well.

This Week is Really Working Me Over! How About You?

September 28, 2011


This is a $#%@^&*!*&% kind of week! And I am struggling with it, and will be very happy to see Saturday get here!!!!

Energy Flow Report Sept. 26-28, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

September 26, 2011


A wild and crazy week is at hand! Find out what to expect for the start and an overview of how the month will feel.

Atlanta New Earth Festival-Day #1

September 24, 2011


Day one of The Amber Light's sale season is in the books. See what kind of fun we had today.

My Bad Back – Motivation Annihilator

September 23, 2011


Wonder where the heck Amber has been and why she hasn't been bugging you with a blog everyday? Find out here!!!

Energy Flow Report September 22-25, 2011 + Daily Power Colors

September 22, 2011


A weekend of fun and frolick, some nervous energy and heated up romance is coming our way. Plus a peek at next week!

Energy Flow Report Sept. 16-18, 2011 w/Daily Power Colors

September 16, 2011


A high emotion week end. Realtionships iwll be scrutinized and lifestyles will be revamped.

Energy Flow Report September 12-14, 2011 W/Daily Power Colors

September 12, 2011


A high energy week kicks of with aspiring dreams and the connections to take them to the next phase. Plus a peek at what will be an active weekend.

Guess What?! Healthy Food Choices are NOT a Fundemental Human Right (according to the FDA)

September 9, 2011


This information has lit a fire under my tush! This is truly important to every single person who wants to eat things that healthy and not full of poisons. This is dangerous for our children as well as us grown-ups.

Sleep and Dream! Energy Flow Update Sept. 8-9, 2011

September 8, 2011


Why are we so sleepy today? when will it end?