Personal Power Tools 03-19-2020 #bettertogether #expecttheunexpected

Posted on March 18, 2020




A waning Aquarius moon Welcomes our weekend. We are in a tremendous state of flux and change.
Everything is uncertain. The Aquarius energy lends itself to surprise, the unexpected, pushing limits and breaking rules. Prepare for more information and news that will take us off guard. Easy pickings this week for sure.

Personal Power Colors: White, Purple, Turquoise, teal, Scarlett

Personal Power Goal: Do something out of the ordinary to cheer up the mood. We are all scared and there is no escaping the feeling of fear that is underneath every action we make right now. Trying something new will help to redirect the mind.

Personal Power Tip: The mind is tricky and can be very scary when it is panicked. The mind panics when it is faced with unfamiliar events, circumstances, scenery, etc.  Finding ways to occupy our minds helps to calm them because it makes them (our mind) feel in control. A great majority of people are at home together and will be spending more one on one time together than they ever have before. If you are fortunate enough to stay well during our hiatus this is a great time to use some time to tell each other stories. Play remember when. Research new topics or places and discuss the information. Have a jumping-jack contest. Make gifts for people from items that you have on hand. Find things new to do and investigate. Be sure to go outside even if it is a walk around the yard or to sit on the porch. Natural light is important to our health in every way.

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