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September Full of Beauty Harvest Moon (and Rock Charging) – Oh and Power Colors Too!

September 29, 2012


                              Sunday Power Colors:  Orange, Gold, Yellow, Beige   The after glow of the full moon will have us looking at everything in a stark, bright light. Do not be afraid. Acknowledge the things that come to the fore which are in need […]

Saturday Power Colors & Full Moon Energy 9-28-2012

September 28, 2012


Saturday Power colors: black, silver, blue, brown. An action packed Harvest Moon highlights the entire weekend . We may discover OR reveal things that have been hindering our progress. This could be in relationships with others or even our personal relationship with ourself. Expect to be forced (by the Universe) to modify and perhaps even […]

Friday Power Colors 9-28-2012

September 27, 2012


Friday Power Colors: lavender, Pink, Orange, White We continue the high energy, high passions and vivid dreams & visions. Continue to follow your heart and stand up for yourself in those relationships that need balance. Romantic dates are a great choice. Watch for fights and enjoy the dreamy but active energy.

Fairy Houses are Everywhere Today

September 27, 2012


One kind on one corner and the other across the street. Looks like a set up for a big Full Moon Party to me! I saw lots of.different insects and bus…spider, bees, some red & black lightening bugs, crickets, mosquitoes, black beetle, and a frog. I’ll post his picture tomorrow.

Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow 9-27-2012

September 26, 2012


Colors for today: Turquoise, green, burgundy and white. We are building to the full  moon Saturday. Passions are high. Relationships are in the spotlight. Expect to have intense, passion filled discussions about relationships that are working and those that are not. We are not in the mood to forgive long-standing poor treatment. If one of […]

Wednesday 9-26-2012 Power Colors & Energy Flow

September 25, 2012


Power colors to wear and use: Green, Brown, Yellow, Gold Yes, everything is wound up as tight as it can be. Ripe for an explosion. Expect some as the week progresses. We are headed to a full moon. Today is a day to learn, share, absorb and expand our knowledge base. Soak it up, talk […]

How Kids Brighten Every Day

September 25, 2012


My niece and nephew (Emersyn and Tanner) made these cute Halloween decorations at least 5 years ago. I love them and always smile when I get them out for the fall season at work. It is nice to have fun, childish energy at your desk. It keeps our spirits higher, helps ward off depression and reminds […]

Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow 9-24-2012

September 23, 2012


Monday Colors: White, cream, silver, lavender   Down to earth, methodical and stubborn start our week. Also a shift to a softer more romantic and fairness minded feeling for the next few weeks. Beware of judgmental tendencies and indecisiveness that go with this flow. Gestures of love will be in the mix as well. A […]

March or September?

September 22, 2012


Yes these are crocus blooming in late September …everything is strange. What a year. Even the plants are confused.

Good Night Moon

September 20, 2012


Thank You Creator for a wonder filled week. Always answering my question of “am I doing my best?” with certain Affirmation. Humblest thanks! AmberLena :)(: