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Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Feb. 1, 2013

January 31, 2013


Friday Personal Power Colors: White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Red The superman feeling is going into effect and lasts for the next couple of weeks. Because we just made it through the tightest point of withdrawal as far as resources and progress are concerned, we will be feeling as if we need to make up for […]

Ten Second Tips: Neutralizing Depression, Sadness and Grief.

January 31, 2013


Ten Second Tips: Neutralizing Depression, Sadness and Grief. (Personal Power Building Series) A part of Being Human is the ability to feel…sense the unseen energy that connects us. Sometimes it feels like love, sometimes it feels like hate. Sometimes it is more than any Earthly utterance can describe. One of those types of feelings, the […]

Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 1-31-2013

January 30, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Colors: Turquoise, green, white, crimson Today we are diplomatic, maybe a bit indecisive and judgmental. A social will be around for the next couple of days. Groups and collaborations are favored. Continuing to share and distribute the information we have been working on is supported. We continue to be in a vibration […]

Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-29-2013

January 29, 2013


The ten count. Simple. Easy. Effective. Yet so often forgotten as a good way to keep ourselves out of trouble! A short, sweet post to remind us all to STOP. THINK. THEN speak or react. So many times we jump to the conclusion our mind has made up when if we had only waited, stopped […]

Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Jan. 29-30, 2013

January 28, 2013


Tuesday Power Colors Jan. 29, 2013: Black, Silver, Red, White Wednesday Power Colors Jan. 30, 2013: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green, Gold Although challenges are always found in our daily lives, the recent energy flow has been more uplifting and supportive feeling than most of last year. This really great thing about this is we are going to […]

Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-28-2013 Stopping Reality

January 28, 2013


Stopping Reality Before it Happens (Personal Power Series)   There are times, many times in life that we “draw up” or imagine scenarios in our minds that have not happened, never happened and many time do not happen. Other times we “see” an event play out in our minds that happens EXACTLY as we “saw” […]

Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Jan. 28, 2013

January 27, 2013


Monday Power Colors: White, lavender, Silver, cream     A full moon hang over will start this week. Many of us are feeling inflamed, both emotionally and physically. Headaches, joint aches, arthritic flare ups are common issues I have been hearing all week. Ginger and turmeric are two good spices to help with that. We […]