Personal Power Tools 03-25-2020 #newmoon #ariesenergy #showmeyouloveme

Posted on March 24, 2020



The new moon has arrived in feisty, confident, well spoken Aries. WE have been seeing the clashing of horns in so many ways on the global stage recently. As in over the past few hours. More of that will take place as we traverse through our yearly trek in Aries. Wednesdays are great for communicating so use this day to make contact, write reports, send out messages of all types and formats. Also be certain to LISTEN carefully as the messages are large, deep and full of hidden information we need to make good decisions.

Personal Power Colors: White, gold, brown, yellow, tan

Personal Power Goal: Find ways to communicate that include other methods aside from spoke word. Find ways to make actions speak for the feeling and emotion you are trying to covey.

Personal Power Tip: As we continue to spend intense amounts of time with a select set of people we have to find ways to convey our thoughts and feelings that include actions as well as words. Being creative and Showing how we feel and what we want helps to release energy that is built up due to our lack of activity. We went from 65-90mp to 7-15mph in about 0.3 seconds. That is a lot of energy. We need lots of different modalities to disperse it. Doing things to show love, kindness and respect is a great way to engage the physical Human and the Spiritual Being to those closest to us in this deeply emotional time.