The Best Thing: How to Make the Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life

Here is my baby sitting right next to the heavy hitters!!!! How AWESOME is THAT :0D I can’t stop smiling!!

“The end goal of the book is two fold; first, to help remove the mystical, esoteric, strangeness, and weirdness labels that have been attached to the tools we will be discussing. To bring a broader understanding to useful knowledge that humans have possessed for eons, but has long been misunderstood. To remove the ‘veil’ of hocus-pocus, magic and superstition showing that these tools can be used by anyone, at anytime, regardless of background, religion, race, gender, status, belief or non-belief.

Second is to show how focusing on the feeling of “The Best Thing” will improve the outcome of all of the efforts put into living life by any being.”~The Best Thing, A. L. Powers

If you have been wondering what all the talk of living in the “now” , the Law of Attraction, your intuition, Feng-Shui, gemstones and more is about, this is the book you need to read. Filled with tips and simple to understand concepts of how our world works together energetically.

This non-fiction book is a layman’s guide to the growing awareness of the concept of Universal Energy and how to manage it. It is full of useful tips and tricks to help beginners and experts get the most out of each day.

The simple terms used to explain the “sixth-sense” and show how every human has it will have you honing your own ability right away. The fun and easy ways to the use tools it contains will make it easy for you to start teaching others how they too can benefit from simple things like gemstones, colors and affirmations. It also contains information on the author’s exclusive invention that will teach you “The easy way to Feng Shui!”tm

This fresh and timely addition to your resource library will really help you “make the rest of your life the best of your life!”tm

Check out a preview here.

Please leave your thoughts, feedback and ideas for my next book!!!

4 Responses “The Best Thing: How to Make the Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life” →
  1. The Holidays are notorious for making us feel any combinations of these challenging emotions:
    Within moments, you can find ways to uplift your emotions, clarify your goals, tune into The Best path for you and your life. Get the book “The Best Thing: Placing Your Order with the Universe” and start placing your order for The Best Life you’ve never imagined right away.
    Find out how your home may be blocking and limiting you from achieving your goals without you even knowing it and learn how to easily fix that with simple colors and shapes. Find out how your thoughts and worries are holding you back from The Best the Universe has to offer you. See how easy it is to make simple changes each day to change the type of energy that is attracted to you life.
    Join in the celebration on November 26th, 2010 as we party all day and night in honor of this life changing and must have book. Not just “another New-age book” this book is simple, it does not make any requirements or routines you HAVE to follow. This book deals only with the tools and concepts you have available to find Direction to The Best Life You have never imagined! On that day, we will celebrate you and your journey to be The Best by giving anyone who orders “The Best Thing: Placing Your Order with the Universe” the Energy Grid-Power for Your Lifetm ***FREE*** You will be getting a double dose of supportive tools to enhance all of your efforts!

    Amber Delwey

  2. Being open to The Best Thing happening while playing “the game” with no preset thoughts or expectations of outcome guarantees you will be astounded with the results!!! ~A.L. Powers

  3. How cool! This looks so interesting!! I had this total 6th sense conversation (sort of) with my son awhile back. ( I’m thinking I’ll have fun over here. :)

    • I am very excited to have you as a new friend and input-output source.The more varied and diverse the people who use these tools I have out together the better chance the entire world can some how benefit from them! I welcome all questions, comments and input. Science and research has to have working input! Thanks So Much for coming by….hug that Jack for me please! And ghosts are generally being from different dimensions, and blue eyes are a fortunate color, so I think given Ed’s good care, no worries! Thanks loads for the ‘love’!!


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