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Posted on March 12, 2020



This applies to the tip today. Use your imagination carefully because it is a very power tool. It helps to Create Reality!

Hey hey hey!! We made it to the Friday the 13th portion of our crazy chaotic week. Paired with a feisty #scorpiomoon and the dreamy #piscessun we are in for an interesting day. It is possible to be very fun, even sexy and sensual. There is also a possibility of some tension and irritation as we begin to uncover the issues that the #merucryretrograde has left us with. Try to curb the urge to pick at people about the small stuff. Hold off on assigning blame the tendency to be hurtfully critical will cause more trouble not knowing who to blame. Continue the work from yesterday, getting down to the bottom of things. And continue to be extra careful.

Personal Power Colors: Rose, Coral, Purple, Peach, Pink

Personal Power Goal: Take a look at your readiness for an unexpected disaster. Many times we do not practice or think about the eventuality of what our plan is “Case of an Emergency”. Now is a great time to seriously look at what, if any, plan we have. At minimum, take time to jot out the first ten items you can think of you know you could not live without for more than two weeks.

Personal Power Tip: IN this time of Grave uncertainty, making a list helps to stop the circuit of panic that our mind goes to when it is faced with the unknown. The greatest thinkers, dreamers, inventors and guides have in common the ability to override the panic reflex in the face of sudden adversity that has not been experienced before. One of the tricks to being able to do that is writing things down. The physical act of writing helps to get our physical body involved in the act of how to control the imaginary threat or problem or trouble or worry (also this applies to when we are trying to work on a positive goal). The partnership gives our Soul energy more control over our physical energy because the physical energy is already working toward the goal of solving the problem.

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