Personal Power Tools 03-14-2020 #findthefun #loveeachother

Posted on March 14, 2020



Coming soon to a bush near you! #lilac #oldfashionedlilac #heirloomflower

The need to know driven Scorpio moon goes #voidofcourse at 6:06am EST until 7:09am EST when it enters our fun but fierce friend Sagittarius. The weekend just got more fun even if we are in Wild Imagination mode. I mean seriously people, can you even wrap your mind around the entire world hitting the pause button for three whole weeks or more??? I’m not sure where to go with that.

So let’s just make some good food, gather with our families and be thankful we have an opportunity to show and tell each other how much we mean to each other.

Personal Power Colors: Black, Silver, Smoke, Navy, Chocolate, Camel

Personal Power Goal: Find the Fun. We have to find the Happy in this very intense, scary situation. Find ways to have fun, uplifting moments this weekend. The energy flow supports grand gestures and over-indulgence in the face of fear.

Personal Power Tip: The gravity of the situation we are facing as Global community is beyond anything that the majority of the world has ever tried to imagine. Seeing this situation in a movie or TV show is never a preparation for the real life application. As we are on the brink, the dawn and the sunset of a historic shift of life, we have a unique opportunity to spend time with those most dear to us. Make this a weekend that you spend together recounting memories, making new Home-based memories and sharing the happy, sad, joyful, fearful, important silly moments that have created your Family unit. Play games, watch movies, prepare meals, work in the yard, take a nap. TOGETHER.

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