Personal Power Tools 03-22-2020 #safespace #saturninaquarius

Posted on March 21, 2020



The moon spends the day in dreamy, (seemingly) laid back Pisces. We are in the low ebb of the moon phase awaiting the new moon and first of the meteorological Spring, first of the Solar New Year, second of the Lunar year. Saturn moved into rebellious and unexpected Aquarius where it is not comfortable. We are anxious, tired and beginning to lose the ability to see how the great lengths and destructive closures are helping. The New moon occurs Tuesday in Aries which will give us a boost of energy and optimism. We are going to feel unsettled due to the Saturn aspect. We can expect to see some unexpected things coming from authority figures. Surprise opinions, new and/or doing away with old rules/mindsets is likely.

Personal Power Colors: Gold, orange, yellow, peach, white

Personal Power Goal: Sundays are good days to look at ONE action step toward a goal and see what we have to do to complete it. Given the global issue we are facing at this time, doing something simple like picking out a way to complete something will give us a sense of purpose.

Personal Power Tip: Try to work on finding ways to compromise as we move into the next few weeks. WE are being restricted in a way that as a world we have not ever had to face. It is scary and difficult. Give everyone SPACE. Not just in a physical sense but also emotionally and mentally. Our focus and expectations have been abruptly changed. Almost every single person is having to change routine and we all know how hard it is to change people. As we move toward the one month mark, the territory of being with only a few set people for an unlimited time will become uncharted. Make certain everyone has a safe space they are able to retreat to when it gets overwhelming. If we are unable to have a separate place for each person, then one or two designated areas of “quiet space” will help everyone fell like they have somewhere “else” to go when it is their turn to meltdown.

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