Energy Grid-Power for Your Life

Divide your space, home, room, office, cubical, building, etc into nine equal portions like a tic-tac-toe board. If You are standing in the main entrance to the space, the main door into the home, building, etc. Holding this imagine in your hand so you can read it, hat is where each energy center is located. It applies to all spaces regardless of shape or size.

Welcome to Energy Grid-Power for your Life
User’s Forum
Please feel free to leave your feedback here. Let me know if you have tried it, if it worked, if it is still helping, if you forgot all about it, if you think it is nuts!
I will be sharing stories here from people who have placed a Grid in their home or office and the results they have gotten. I will be sharing news of workshops and classes to teach you the Easy way to Feng-Shui. And news of how may Grids have been bought or given to be placed in new spaces.
Thanks you for your interest and feedback. We cannot continue to build our tool box without people to try test and report on their experiences!

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  1. 01-27-2011 am in the midst of finishing the start of my next book!

    Also, the planning stages of live workshops I will hold to give a basic instruction of how to install an Energy Grid and things you can do even without one, using the things you already own or have available!

    The Telesummit recording has gotten tremendous success! Lots of people have signed up for the free tele-class regarding the Energy Grid and anyone can sign up for it here:
    This will be a free class all year, through January 2012 as a celebration of my book publicaton and increased awarness to this easy to use information.

    Please take adavantage and tell as many people as you like!
    I Want Your Input!!!! Please leave your thoughts and experiences here about The Grid, how it works for you and the differences you notice, if any.

    Thanks and The Best to everyone of you!!!! :)(:AmberLena:)(:

    cc2011 The Amber Light Publishers all rt rsv

    Amber Delwey A.L. Powers

  2. I love your blog and feng shui and will be back to learn more from you. I keep a stone on me to attract love.

    • Jackie!! Thank you SO MUCH for your support over this journey! It is without words I feel honored to have been any influence and source of awareness for you. I look forward to teaching and learning more with you!!! :0)

  3. Amber…
    I still can’t understand how this works…

    Do I have to have them… or I can draw them..?
    and how i can place them.



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