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Let It Snow

March 30, 2011


It is snowing again here!!!

Amber’s Intuition Picks the Winner Again!

March 28, 2011


Amber's intuition is at it again as she explains how she knew this would be one of the Final Four for NCAA Mens' basketball this year. And join her in an experiment this weekend to see how well your "gut feeling" is working!

Time To Clean it Out-Reuse or Recycle

March 25, 2011


This weekend's energy flow plus what to expect for the beginning of the next work week. Find out when we will be more accident prone, and what we can accomplish during this methodical, earthy weekend. Plus the daily power colors to pump up your energy level using the things you already wear; clothes, jewelry, make-up, unders.

10 Things To Do at Home While You’re Away

March 24, 2011


Springtime means spring break and Summer means vacation. Easy tips to help you insure a smooth, relaxing trip for everyone!

Fukushima Radiation Reaches Iceland – Science News – redOrbit

March 23, 2011


Fukushima Radiation Reaches Iceland – Science News – redOrbit. FYI…This is how fast something can spread around the globe when in high enough concentrations. I would advice eating all of the fresh veggies and fruits you are able to now as the price of those things is bound to go up with Japan’s demand going up […]

Daily Power Colors and Energy flow March 22-25, 2011

March 22, 2011


Daily power colors and the Energy Flow through Friday. The best days for research and communications as well as an empowering affirmation!

Super Moon = Mega Fun!

March 19, 2011


Find out how this "Super Moon" will have all of us feeling and acting. Get the daily colors for the weekend as well as the energy flow report. High energy and emotion are phrases that you can count on using now! And find out how next week will playout in the aftermath!

May Abundance Never Cease to Amaze You!

March 17, 2011


Thought I would share my fax cover page for the day. I have been drawing my fax covers for a couple of years now. I do it b/c it cheers me up and takes the monotony out of the office work I do. Stapling papers is only entertaining for so long! :) Here’s today’s good […]

Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report for March 16-18, 2011

March 15, 2011


The list of daily energy boosting colors and what kind of days to expect the rest of this week. Use these simple tool to make the most of the time you spend doing what you do!

Lessons of Time (via Francopolis)

March 15, 2011


Thanks for a great blog…I had to repost, so well written! I always wanted to learn an instrument when I was a child, only to realize it's much more difficult to do so as an adult.  So when my son expressed interest in learning the drums, I realized that being a good father is all […]