Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Jan. 29-30, 2013

Posted on January 28, 2013


Tuesday Power Colors Jan. 29, 2013: Black, Silver, Red, White

Wednesday Power Colors Jan. 30, 2013: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green, Gold

Pine trees in our neighborhood earlier this month.

Pine trees in our neighborhood earlier this month.

Although challenges are always found in our daily lives, the recent energy flow has been more uplifting and supportive feeling than most of last year.

This really great thing about this is we are going to continue this fortunate and successful wave for another week at least.

For those who need to know, I base this report on the movement on the planets as recorded in the sky above each day. We are approaching a short but VERY SWEET period of time when all of the celestial “traffic” (as it were) is travelling the same direction. Some are on different roads, maybe in different states, but all the energy flow, all of the waves that we can feel most strongly, will be going the same way.

This is big because the momentum is able to help us make the bigger steps in our action plans that we have been unable or afraid to attempt. The only requirement from us is that we give effort beyond anything we have ever put forth before (in the focus area).

Bottom line, continue to work, contact, revise, hone and share the things that will make the most impact for our long-term goals. Retirement, children, college, partnerships, business ventures. This mid-week is custom-made for revisiting people or ideas that have been evolving. These are the new vehicles that will take us to the “new” areas of our lives. They are built upon what we used to be, but are nothing like that. Funny how the Universe continues to change and grow from what used to be, new yet not.

Detail oriented and a bit nit-picky, Tuesday and Wednesday are great days for getting down to the nitty-gritty of projects. Layout work and precise measuring are accurate today. Watch the patience, as it will be short.

An overall need to work and exercise LOTS of self-control is SUPER important over the next couple of weeks. We will be feeling weak in areas that we are trying to change old habits. If you slip, DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! Everyone will have a time they revert to a well-known behavior, even one they do not want to do anymore. The point is not to stay in the past, even if it is revisited for a moment. Look for the reminder of why you made the change and move along.

Continue to reach out and make it known you want the opportunities and you are ready.

Tuesday may find us struggling with issues and challenges. We may have to wrestle our way through to victory. Most of this will be in the area of self-change (breaking destructive habits). Stay clear of people that like to argue.

Wednesday our momentum to get our major plans moving shifts in to forward. It will be and feel a bit slow, which is actually good, because we need to be responsible and thoughtful as we proceed to the next phase.

Look forward to more good vibrations for the end of the week!

Health issues and taking good care of ourselves and loved ones will be supported through Thursday. Start nothing new and do not set appointments between 8:55 p.m. EST Wednesday until 1:35 a.m. EST Thursday as they will not hold up.