Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Feb. 1, 2013

Posted on January 31, 2013


Friday Personal Power Colors: White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Red

Snow Fairy

The superman feeling is going into effect and lasts for the next couple of weeks.

Because we just made it through the tightest point of withdrawal as far as resources and progress are concerned, we will be feeling as if we need to make up for lost time. “Danger, Will Robinson! Don’t do it!”

Almost everyone has felt the pinch in the cash flow or influx of resources to accomplish what we really need and want. Thankfully that energy has shifted, and along with all other planets in the solar system, will all be travelling in the same direction for a few brief but lovely days.

Friday also brings major shifts in the mood of finance, relationships and our ability to act. The first two will be great companions for the resource energy increasing. The latter will most likely be a challenge for many people in the forcefulness and clarity of action steps to achieve goals. We will be feeling, dreamy, not quite connected and prone to misguided errors. Our courage and ambition may wane a bit as well. Don’t take it too serious if you find yourself feeling more like “going along to get along” than standing up and fighting back. That does not mean we can’t push ourselves to keep after it, but we need to use lots of caution doing so.

Our finance and relationships will get a breath of innovative fresh air to start the weekend. Try a new food, new type of music or literature, some thing out of your ordinary. This energy will also help with needed income and resource boosting over the next few weeks.

***The caution for the next couple of weeks is DO NOT promise or commit to more than you are actually capable of delivering. Be honest about your limitations, so that the foundation of your work is solid in fact.****

The weekend looks to be good for finding out what is happening behind the scenes or why something works the way it does. Check for the weekend report tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday!