Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Jan. 28, 2013

Posted on January 27, 2013


Monday Power Colors: White, lavender, Silver, cream


A red fox taking a sunbath in our back yards yesterday. Goes to shwo we are living in her space


A full moon hang over will start this week. Many of us are feeling inflamed, both emotionally and physically. Headaches, joint aches, arthritic flare ups are common issues I have been hearing all week. Ginger and turmeric are two good spices to help with that.

We will still be on an emotional high so be aware of impatient actions and being short with others. Following up on contacts from last week will be good today. Also going over our vision boards and action steps is favored. Try to take it easy. The remainder of the week continues to be up tempo and full of opportunity, so we need to rest up.

Short, sweet and how we want this day to go along!


Full Moon 1-26-2013