Tattoos: What Everyone Should Know (not a “don’t do it” post)

Posted on January 27, 2013


The below link is for all of my beautiful inked friends to share with those who would consider ink for the first time.

This one looks like a rendition of a child's story.

This one looks like a rendition of a child’s story.

tattoo in action

Looks painful to me. Fun to others

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I love the very down to earth thoughts the writer gives us to consider BEFORE we commit for a life time. Funny thought, even relationships do not usually last that long.

Most people who know me this seems out of my genre, but this article makes every point I have ever said about why I have not ever gotten a tattoo.

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I saw an extreme tattoo show once and the guy got a tattoo in the ancient way with wooden tools and berry ink and a hammer-like thing. You have to be worthy even to be considered for the markings. Intricate.

I must make it known, I have seen some breath-taking and jaw dropping body art. I saw a lady once who had an entire scene from Saigon Vietnam all over her body. Helicopters, explosions, soldiers, the works.