Golden Eagle-A Flying Dream Interpreted

Posted on November 16, 2010


8-04-2010 part of a dream I had….sent to The Dream Zone to be interpreted. 8-11-2010

In my dream I am riding in the backseat of a car travelling down a two lane highway. As I am looking up toward the sky out the back window, I notice these birds flying in formation overhead. They are large birds, the wings are outstretched and there are 11 of them I think, 12 at the most. They are in an octagon formation.

 As I am watching them, the sun is glowing through their feathers. Then they being to descend, landing on the crest of a hill in the road we had just went over. Each bird then morphed into a human. Each human was of a different nationality, all cultures were represented here and there were men and women.

Suddenly, I was no longer in the car. Instead I was hovering above each one of them (I did not have wings). My face was at the same level as the person and I kissed each one of them on the mouth. Not sexual, but very deeply. My body was straight, with my feet higher than my head, at like a 45 degree angle to the person I was kissing. I did not recognize the bird, but looked it up the next day and they were golden eagles.

Their interpretation:

“Hi Amber,

I would like to use your dream in my nationally syndicated column The Dream Zone, co-written by Dr. Katia. Below is your dream and Dr. Katia’s interpretation. Dreamer feedback is a very important part of the column so if you would be so kind – after reading the interpretation – as to provide us with the real life issue that you believe the dream is commenting on, we would greatly appreciate it. Also, I need your age, city and state…”

“Wow, you were embracing and absorbing all the diverse and wonderful elements of humanity itself. That’s Humanity with a capital H! What a great and glorious dream.

This is all about spiritual and lofty areas of your life, taking place soaring thru the air, up above the toils of the earth, as you travel along the road of life. What an awesome set of powerful universal archetypes all in one dream. Eagles, the color golden, the complete “set” of 12 or the “master number” of 11. The Octagon shape, symbol of divinity itself. The golden eagle has been an omen of victory, strength and supreme power since ancient Greco-Roman times. It is ingrained in our DNA to respond to the golden eagle as a symbol. There is a saying (and a song), “I’m every woman,” but this dream goes further and affirms, “I’m every human.” Very luminous, very uplifting. You are about to have some kind of spiritual experience or shift. It’s all good, all good!”

My Response:  During the week prior (I had this dream on August 5-6th, 2010), I had been having challenges concerning my methods coming at me from people who I considered to be my advocates, mentors. These challenges were regarding the most appropriate “etiquette” or protocol to follow when coaching other people. I had been forced to look inside and really connect with The Creator to be sure that the path and method I am following felt true to me, even though it was different from most other peoples. And I was forced to verbalize it, to validate it deep in my being.

Also, I had acquired two new international clients as a result of a speaking engagement I was fortunate to be a part of July 29th (there’s the 11). I had the opportunity to present my invention formally to almost 100 listeners live plus even more than that who listened to the recording. It was the largest single audience for my invention I had ever had. 

Here’s my interpretation: 

The fact that my invention was born out of the pure desire to help other people, strangers and friends, everyone in the world, speaks to the Humanity element. The various cultures indicate the world wide intent of my accomplishments. Kissing the people shows the union I felt after getting 4th different country interested in this information. That I am being completely accepted across the globe.  The golden eagles felt very secure and purposeful, as if they were meant for me. I had just become (like the day before) very clear and certain about the path I have been following, and comfortable telling others why I am different than most people. I took this as a sign that I am indeed following The Creator’s vibration, and that very rewarding and humbling times are in store for me.


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