Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 1-31-2013

Posted on January 30, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Colors: Turquoise, green, white, crimson

Today we are diplomatic, maybe a bit indecisive and judgmental. A social will be around for the next couple of days. Groups and collaborations are favored. Continuing to share and distribute the information we have been working on is supported.

We continue to be in a vibration of being responsible by talking action in order to achieve our utmost goals.

This flow can also be dangerous, causing some people to be delusional in their desire to control and mold reality. This warning is simply to keep us aware that dangerous energies are around us and at this time we should be extra careful of them.

A good day for getting our daily tasks done. Do some type of hands on, fundamental work toward your action step list.

Get out that abundance check and make it fresh in your mind. Abundance energy is going to start growing now, send the message of what you want and need. ( I always simply ask for a little more than enough.)

Enjoy the day and look for a major energy shift coming Friday to position us at the ready for the “golden” week! Details tomorrow!

An interesting read today.

An interesting read today.