Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-28-2013 Stopping Reality

Posted on January 28, 2013


Stopping Reality Before it Happens

(Personal Power Series)


There are times, many times in life that we “draw up” or imagine scenarios in our minds that have not happened, never happened and many time do not happen. Other times we “see” an event play out in our minds that happens EXACTLY as we “saw” it.

Many times the difference in whether or not this thing happens is directly related to how much we have thought about it. The more times we “draw” the pattern of a certain event in our mind’s eye, the more likely it is to become a reality. I am sure many of you reading this have personally experienced this phenomena or know a person who seems to always attract “bad” events because they TALK about them all the time.


Lucky for us there is an easy, free and powerful tool to use to stop these challenging events from happening before they occur in our “real life” here.

Stop what you are doing and sit for a moment, simply breathing and listening to your breath.

Then with eyes closed or open, imagine a giant flip chart with the scenario you have been thinking about paying on it like a movie.

Now, see yourself with a very large hand ripping this page off of the flip chart. Tear it up, crumple it or simply put it directly into the even more gigantic shredder-vacuum that is sitting next to you. Watch as it shreds the page with the unwanted, unpleasant or scary image and sends the pieces far away into the Universe.

Now, go back to the flip chart and start drawing out the image of how you WANT things to happen. The happy ending, the best thing for you, the resolution to a fight, safe arrival and travels. After you have that new, more appealing image playing on the board, take a few more breaths and go back to what ever you were doing.

By doing this, you have stopped the message to the Universe that the first image is what you want and instead you want the new, more desirable one.



The possiblities are endless becuase the page is always new.

The possibilities are endless because the page is always new.


I have tried this for myself and several other people recently. The results ARE very compelling, with almost instant change in the energy flow coming to light. It is working on the unseen electrical messages we send out to the Universe, helping to disrupt a bad circuit and replace it with a good one.

Please let me know when you use it and how well it works.