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Personal Power Tools 03-26-2020 #getgrowing #taurusmoon #setthefoundation

March 25, 2020


03-26-2020 Our fresh waxing Spring moon is #voidofcourse from 3:36am EST until 9:37am EST when it moves into to sensual, grounded, determined and stubborn Taurus. We are on a mission and we intend to carry it out thoroughly. Beginnings are supported now. Remember that if we do it now, start it now or take steps […]

Personal Power Tools 03-22-2020 #safespace #saturninaquarius

March 21, 2020


03-22-2020 The moon spends the day in dreamy, (seemingly) laid back Pisces. We are in the low ebb of the moon phase awaiting the new moon and first of the meteorological Spring, first of the Solar New Year, second of the Lunar year. Saturn moved into rebellious and unexpected Aquarius where it is not comfortable. […]

Personal Power Tools 03-19-2020 #bettertogether #expecttheunexpected

March 18, 2020


03-19-2020 A waning Aquarius moon Welcomes our weekend. We are in a tremendous state of flux and change.Everything is uncertain. The Aquarius energy lends itself to surprise, the unexpected, pushing limits and breaking rules. Prepare for more information and news that will take us off guard. Easy pickings this week for sure. Personal Power Colors: […]

Personal Power Tools 03-18-2020 #reachout #griefrelief

March 17, 2020


03-18-2020 The waning moon spends most of the day in Capricorn again. The energy of Wednesday makes this a good day for communicating and business. In regard to the global event that has polarized our entire world, today is a day that steadying and determination vibes are supported. Thoroughness is a hallmark of the Capricorn […]

Personal Power Tools 03-14-2020 #findthefun #loveeachother

March 14, 2020


03-14-2020 The need to know driven Scorpio moon goes #voidofcourse at 6:06am EST until 7:09am EST when it enters our fun but fierce friend Sagittarius. The weekend just got more fun even if we are in Wild Imagination mode. I mean seriously people, can you even wrap your mind around the entire world hitting the […]

Personal Power Tools 03-10-2020 #libramoon #letsbefair

March 9, 2020


03-10-2020 Personal Power Tools from the Amber Light cc 2003-2020 The full Virgo moon lasts just into the early morning going #voidofcourse at 4:32am EST until 6:03am EST when it moves into romantic, fair minded Libra. The day may feel a bit woozy as we are dealing with the afterglow of the full moon in […]

Full Worm Storm Moon from Indiana 3-8/3-9-2020

March 9, 2020


Full Storm Moon 3-8-2020 rising over our back yard.

Baby Squirrel in my Backyard

March 8, 2020


Personal Power Tools 03-08-2020 #virgofullmoon

March 7, 2020


03-08-2020 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020 #energyflow report: The Leo moon moves into Grounded, Earthy full Moon bound Virgo This morning after a #voidofcourse period from 4:30am EST until 6:50 am EST. Remember that daylight savings happens this morning so these are one hour ahead of yesterday. Mercury is S-L-O-W and […]

Personal Power Tools 03-06-2020

March 5, 2020


03-06-2020 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light #energyflow report: The homey Cancer moon goes #voidofcourse early morning ET at 2:11am until it arrives in fun and outgoing Leo at 4:27am EST. Leo and Pisces like each other as fine friends and bosom pals so this is a good feeling Sun-Moon combo leading to the […]