Personal Power Tools 03-23-2020 #springissprung #newmooneve

Posted on March 22, 2020



The waning Pisces moon brings in a gloomy, weary Monday. #truth The moon goes #voidofcourse at 10:51am EST until late evening at 8:58pm EST when it moves into Aries awaiting the new moon Tuesday morning at 5:28am EST. The energy is abrasive and we will be in a groove of exposing inequities that exploit the truehearted. (This lasts for quite a spell so get ready to watch as everyone gets a bit of just desserts. REMEMBER we WILL ALL get a taste of this pie…or virus which ever you please.

Personal Power Colors: Silver, Ivory, White, Lavendar, sand

Personal Power Goal: Today would be a good day for everyone that is reading to exercise a clean out day. Sleep extra when possible, especially since the deadlines that were fabricated have been shattered. Give everyone a chance to sleep with no ALARM. Then take one hour to look at items that have been idle and determine whether they are keep, donate, sell or recycle.

Personal Power Tip: We are in the planting phase of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. With the here-to-fore unknown circumstances we are living in at present, many of us who have been captured by feeling everything that everyone else is experiencing may have forgotten is it is time to PLANT! Get some seeds and start a #victorygarden #glamourfab because my sister is that dang cool. The upcoming week is the time to start planting everything. As so many of us will be at home let’s use this time to learn how to grow.

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