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Power Colors March 23 Thursday

March 22, 2017


!!!!! Starting today every Power Color post will include the days instead of only one. That way, my friends around the world will not miss out because I’m a day behind them. Thank you John for pointing out that my international peeps need daily Power Colors too!!!!!! Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: crimson, aqua, […]

Ten Second Tips-Use Sapphire to Bring Hope

March 21, 2017


In addition, picking a specific color will also add to the energy we are attracting. Use the following colors to focus on specific needs:  Blue-calm, Pink-Peace, Yellow-Health, Orange-uplift spirit, Green-abundance/finance, Red-courage/passion. Thank MamaBear! This one is a Gem! Feng Shui – Sapphire Hope is sometimes lacking in today’s world. We all want to get ahead […]

Power Colors: March 20 Monday

March 19, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: Lavender​, tan, white, silver Oh the carnage that is the lead up to Mercury Retrograde.  Do everyone a favor and BE SO VERY VERY CAREFUL. This energy flow has already proven to be deadly, and danger filled. Mis-steps, misinformation, mis-judgements, misques…. You get the drift. Triple check all […]

May 21, 2015 Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow

May 20, 2015


Hello Gemini! Thursday Power Colors and Energy Flow: White, Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Green The week has been rough, tough and tumble to say the least. Many of us have at least one super challenging event to deal with and much of it has come as a not very pleasant surprise. The change and energy continue […]

May 13, 2015 Power Colors and Energy Flow

May 12, 2015


Wednesday Power Colors: gold orange brown, green, yellow Aries moon… Low phase. Taurus sun Mercury slowing. Be careful, we are emotional, things end, what we decide now will may and be difficult to change. Irritable and quick tempers.

Mother’s Day Fairy Garden 2015

May 10, 2015


Mom wanted a fairy wonderland for her zen garden. I think we have it! She has been practicing yoga for a bit more than a month and decided she wanted a space outside to practice this summer. I am awaiting our chance to do some poses together out there soon! Thank you to my beautiful […]

May 3, 2015


Power Colors May 4-10, 2015 Full Moon Monday: Scorpio Moon… White, Silver, Cream, Lavender Tuesday May 5…. Beltane! Sagittarius Moon…. Red, Black, White, Silver Wednesday May 6: Sagittarius moon Gold, Yellow, Brown, Green, Orange Thursday May 7: Capricorn Moon Purple, White, Burgundy, Turquoise Friday May 8: Capricorn Moon Orange, White, Purple, Pink Saturday May 9: […]