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Full Wind Moon Rising April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020


The full moon of April is here and we are lucky enough to have clear skies in Indiana. We have an honorary fire as well and the timing was The Best. Wishing everyone well. Sending vibrations of strength, comfort, patience and love as The Earth continues The Path to Health, which will be The Best […]

Personal Power Tools 03-27-2020 #setyourgoal #solidfoundation #getupandgo

March 26, 2020


03-27-2020 The determined Taurus moon colors our entire day with the drive and passion of the #ariessun . Whatever it is do it! We are full of energy to do, get up and move it and Doooo eettt! Personal Power Colors: Coral, White, Rose, Pink, Peach, purple Personal Power Goal: Lay a foundation for the […]

Personal Power Tools 03-26-2020 #getgrowing #taurusmoon #setthefoundation

March 25, 2020


03-26-2020 Our fresh waxing Spring moon is #voidofcourse from 3:36am EST until 9:37am EST when it moves into to sensual, grounded, determined and stubborn Taurus. We are on a mission and we intend to carry it out thoroughly. Beginnings are supported now. Remember that if we do it now, start it now or take steps […]

Personal Power Tools 03-19-2020 #bettertogether #expecttheunexpected

March 18, 2020


03-19-2020 A waning Aquarius moon Welcomes our weekend. We are in a tremendous state of flux and change.Everything is uncertain. The Aquarius energy lends itself to surprise, the unexpected, pushing limits and breaking rules. Prepare for more information and news that will take us off guard. Easy pickings this week for sure. Personal Power Colors: […]

Personal Power Tools 03-18-2020 #reachout #griefrelief

March 17, 2020


03-18-2020 The waning moon spends most of the day in Capricorn again. The energy of Wednesday makes this a good day for communicating and business. In regard to the global event that has polarized our entire world, today is a day that steadying and determination vibes are supported. Thoroughness is a hallmark of the Capricorn […]

Personal Power Tools 03-17-2020

March 16, 2020


Earthly Capricorn rides the Moon vibe today. Determination and endurance are key words here. With the waning moon now is a good time to reevaluate action steps for our goals and identify what is not working and figure out how to change those things. Personal Power Colors: Silver, black, white, red and of course the […]

Personal Power Tools 03-13-2020 #fridaythethirteenth #beprepared

March 12, 2020


03-13-2020 Hey hey hey!! We made it to the Friday the 13th portion of our crazy chaotic week. Paired with a feisty #scorpiomoon and the dreamy #piscessun we are in for an interesting day. It is possible to be very fun, even sexy and sensual. There is also a possibility of some tension and irritation […]

Personal Power Tools 03-05-2020 #realbiglove

March 4, 2020


03-05-2002 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020 We are moving into the full Moon phase of the month with it upcoming Monday. Again, we are in the Cancer mode, home and family are valued but if we are able to be alone and un-perturbed that’s just fine also. We are still emotional, […]

Personal Power Tools 03-04-2020

March 3, 2020


03-04-2020 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020 Moon Phase #energyflow A waxing Cancer moon beckons us to home and family. An active day, communication is favored. Review of lists, schedules, plans, to-do lists, priorities are all good uses of time. Possibility of deep conversations about family and relatives is in the mix. […]

Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase

February 29, 2020


Another day of Waxing Taurus moon. See yesterday’s post for best use of this time. Determined, steadfast, lasting, dependable are all words to describe the energies today. Personal Power Colors: brown, black, silver, navy Personal Power Goal: tell everyone that you love, that you love them. Be sure, as a wise one has said, that […]