How to Stop the Evil-Eye, Voo-Doo Doll or Bad Vibes From Making You sick

Posted on June 23, 2014


You need:

Bowl of spring water or filtered

olive oil

two sewing needles




Fill the bowl 2/3 full of water

Drop three drops of olive oil into the water, one on top of the other. If the drops collect into one round oil spot, then it is not being inflicted by another person and is natural. That means you will have to look to natural cures.

If the drops separate or the oil smears all over the surface of the water and does not stay on round drops, then it is the means energy of another that is causing the physical issues.

To break the connection:

Over the bowl of water do this:

Take the two needles and put the tip/point of one in the eye of the other and recite this rhyme/saying:

Eyes against eyes and the holes of the eyes, envy cracks and eyes burst.

The Italian words are : Occhio e contra occhio e perticelli algi occhio, crepa la invida e schiattono gli occhio.

Then drop the needles on top of the oil. Sprinkle three pinches of salt on top of that, then jab the scissors into the water through the oil drops. Then take the scissors and cut the air above the bowl three times. The connection will be broken.

**Taken from the book “Ways of the Strega: The Old Religion of Southern Europe” by Raven Grimassi

This works, every time. The test is accurate I have found always if the test indicates natural, then the ailment is fixed with natural treatments. And if an “envy” connection (voo-doo doll, evil eye, bad wishes, spell to make us sick, etc.) is indicated, this ritual will stop the symptoms of the bad energy within hours.

Use this anytime you come down with a “sudden” illness or debilitating body pain/issue like limp, headache, toothache, stomach issue, etc.

Also sage your house, either spritz or smoke.  Do that no matter what to clear the build up.

This is for cutting the negative connection after it has happened.

Here are ways to prevent the energy from attaching to you in the first place.