How to Deflect the Evil Eye, Stink Eye or “Mal-Occhio”

Posted on June 23, 2014



Simple Tricks to Deflect the ‘Evil-Eye’


The evil eye has been known through history to every society. As we become more aware/perceptive of the energy that is connecting all of us, we can more easily understand how just giving someone a ‘mean look’ can be harmful. Some people already know that we are able to do this, even if they do not understand why or how. Others are unaware that they are doing it, which makes those people more of a challenge.

The ‘evil eye’, mal occhio, overlook, or whatever term your circle of people use; is the use of thought energy directed by the eyes/eye area that causes challenging energy to be sent to a certain person or persons. It can be conveyed as a mean, hateful look, overly envious behavior or even too many compliments. You do not have to physically see or hear the behavior for it to have an affect on your energy field, either.

There are as many ways to prevent/deflect the affects of the evil eye as there are names for it. Here are a few that are easy to remember, use them anytime you have the feeling that you are the object of this type of challenging energy:


‘Fig Hand’-very simple hand gesture, can be used discretely…make a fist. Put your thumb in between your index finger and your middle finger. Aim the thumb in the direction of the person sending you the ‘evil eye’.


‘Bull Horns’-very simple hand gesture, not as discrete as the above…make a fist, then stick the index & pinkie fingers out straight, to resemble horns. Aim ‘horns’ in the direction of the unwanted energy.

Spitting-sounds gross, but easy & effective…if someone is overly complimentary, or seems envious, just spit on the ground between you. This will repel the challenging energy from attaching to you.

Clean your ‘third-eye’ (forehead energy vortex)-again very simple…take your thumb (either one). Press it into the center of your forehead. Visualize the energy in that vortex being stirred up. Then kind of ‘wipe’ your thumb away from your head, like you are wiping of some dirt (which you are, dirty energy). Then flick it ‘off’ of your thumb with your index finger by making an “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger, then flipping your finger away from your thumb quickly.

Gemstones-easy and stylish (in jewelry)…There are a few stones that will deflect challenging energies, and also protect you from people who attach energy siphons (by using the evil eye). Black onyx, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, Apache Tear, or any type of black obsidian are some of the strongest gemstones for protection against this type of energy challenge. You can wear them in any form of jewelry, or carry a stone with you in your pocket, purse, billfold or pouch. You can also leave them on your desk, or put them in or under your pillow when you sleep.

And remember, if you are giving the ‘evil eye’ (stink-eye) to people on purpose, the Law of Return times Three applies, you will get back three times as much of the same kind of energy as you give out, so try not to do it, at least not on purpose!!!


A tree that is looking out for something.

A tree that is looking out for something.