Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report July 1-3, 2014

Posted on June 30, 2014


Moss in the Woods

Moss in the Woods


This is a dangerous and intense week. Take extra care in everything you do from work, information, contracts, purchases, driving, working with dangerous things like fire, knives, ladders, etc.

We being Tuesday with a self focus, out going and upbeat mood, albeit with an edge. The energies are stopped, tough and unexpected for our mid-week. Surprises, change in plans, delays, mis-communication, blockages, unexpected events and contacts are all in the mix. Romance is fun and fiery, but it will also be serious and demand we let each other know how we are feeling and what we need to be happy and comfortable. Our finances follow the same  pattern, expect the unexpected.

Tuesday afternoon through Thursday we move to a detail and health focused mood. We will be a able to get lots of work done but we must watch for errors because we will be making them. Take care not to be nit-picky to others and of yourself.

The main theme we have been repeating all year is: We are changing and letting go of old habits that are not helping us to be our best any longer and learning to make room for both our family and our career. This week will see us meet up with people of influence and support that insist we take our self and our goals more seriously so they can help us achieve not only what we think we can but much, much more. Be on the look out for them. And be ready to work, it will be worth it!!!

Our overall feeling will be tense and tired most of the week. Try to take time to relax, do deep breathing, count to ten and think pink if you get too angry or impatient.

We are in the midst of the summer holiday all over the Northern half of the world. Get out and get you some of that!!!! Enjoy, stay safe and check in Thursday for the weekend report!

Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

For this week, in order of most powerful to use…

but always go with the color that feels the Best to You first!!!

Tuesday (7-1): Red, Black, White, Silver

Wednesday (7-2): Brown, gold, Yellow, Orange, Green

Thursday (7-3): Burgundy, White, Purple, Turquoise

Friday (7-4): White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red

Saturday (7-5): Brown, Gray, Black, Blue

Sunday (7-6): White, Yellow, Orange, Gold