Full Moon P0wer Colors & Energy Flow Report April 14-17, 2014

Posted on April 14, 2014


Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Tuesday (4-15): White, Black, Silver, Gray, Red

Wednesday (4-16): Brown, Gold, Orange, Yellow

Thursday (4-17): Turquoise, Burgundy, White, Purple, Green

Friday (4-18): Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Red

Ready to pop!!! heirloom daffodil

Ready to pop!!! heirloom daffodil


Full Moon Spring Fever!

Tonight into the early morning of Tuesday the moon will burst into Spring with a major force. Lots of balance between what we need to feel independent and “our own self” and the needs of those that depend on us. Fairness is the key here, doing it with vigor and purpose.

The days leading up to this have been emotional to say the very least. Lots of highs and lows for everyone. Even if you have not been low, someone very close to you has. Even if you have not been on the high, someone close to you has. So we are all sharing in this roller coaster of emotions. The lunar eclipse will be a phenomenal thing to see if you do not have cloud cover. The biggest issue is you have to be up from about 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. EST to see the full thing. You can see parts of it during any of those times, but the 3 to 4 o’clock EST hour will be the very best.

This is the perfect time (all week) to write a letter to the Universe asking for help releasing the old, hindering ways and asking for clarity on how to proceed with integrating the new life style changes we need and want. Do not forget to use pencil and to write as if it has already been granted…because as you ask it is happening.

Now for the fun stuff that is helping to fuel our intense energy. Lots of communication issues this week. Best bet is to use that ten count…make it 20 if you have to. Do some deep breathing exercises to calm the anger when you want to explode….and we will want to explode, likely many times before we get to the weekend.

The exercise goes:

Deep slow breath in through the nose. Get as far down into your lungs as possible. Hold that breath for a count of 8 (use your own pace to count…the slower the better, but some people with lung issues will not be able to hold it as long). Then slowly let it out through your mouth, also in an 8 count. Do this atl least 3 times, 5 is better. To give it even more power to soothe and calm, imagine you are breathing in pink and settle down energy. Then as you breathe out imagine red/black and anger energy leaving with that breath. This works for everyone who has ever tried it, kids and grown-ups alike. Even my husband uses this to calm down when traffic or mean people get him riled up.

Expect to blurt out things you might typically keep to yourself. Also expect for people to say blunt and even seemingly hurtful/ unkind things to you and/or others. We are going to have a hard time keeping the clutch on our thoughts, so be very sure that you try and say things that are constructive, even if they come off critical. No saying mean, nasty things in a moment of anger or feeling slighted just as a “get back at you”. We will pay for that later if we cannot keep it under control…and no one like the boomerang to hit them in the head on the way back around.

The challenges of the month continue. We are looking at ourselves and seeing where we are going to have to change in order to be healthy, happy and secure. DO NOT SPEND a lot of time lamenting over the years that have gone by with behaviors that have been dragging us down. Do not spend too much time being sad because you have to let go and change something you used to love to do. It is ok to feel a bit put-off with our self because we did not make an effort sooner. It is okay to feel sad because we can no longer have all the “fun” we used to…for whatever reasons. Give yourself a few moments, maybe a few hours to grieve for what will change and no longer be a part of your life. Then take that energy and focus on the steps it will take to make the change become a new life style, and a better life habit.

Everyone is going through this metamorphosis period now…it truly is a worldwide energy wave. It will help to have a friend or two that you can go to and say how much you hate having to give up your old ways. Also to share how excited you are to be making changes that will make life the Best it has ever been. Sharing with someone else is very important and very helpful to our success.

We are feeling extra lovey and romantic, this will last all month. Show you beloveds how much they mean and how dear they are. Spend some time alone with each other reminding why you are in love. This also goes for non-romantic loves of your life…kids, parents, great friends.

Our intuition is very high now as well. Pay attention to dreams, visions, daydreams and gut feelings. They are accurate and full of the directions we need to meet the goals we are working for now.