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Full Wind Moon Rising April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020


The full moon of April is here and we are lucky enough to have clear skies in Indiana. We have an honorary fire as well and the timing was The Best. Wishing everyone well. Sending vibrations of strength, comfort, patience and love as The Earth continues The Path to Health, which will be The Best […]

Personal Power Tools 03-25-2020 #newmoon #ariesenergy #showmeyouloveme

March 24, 2020


03-25-2020 The new moon has arrived in feisty, confident, well spoken Aries. WE have been seeing the clashing of horns in so many ways on the global stage recently. As in over the past few hours. More of that will take place as we traverse through our yearly trek in Aries. Wednesdays are great for […]

Personal Power Tools 03-15-2020 #Findthefun #griefrelief #betheoptimist

March 14, 2020


03-15-2020 “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, so glad you could attend…” as the ELP song goes. Grand gestures and big promises are likely to be presented from our everyday interactions to the global issues we are facing at this time. This is a full 24 hours of continuous upbeat energy. […]

Personal Power Tools 03-10-2020 #libramoon #letsbefair

March 9, 2020


03-10-2020 Personal Power Tools from the Amber Light cc 2003-2020 The full Virgo moon lasts just into the early morning going #voidofcourse at 4:32am EST until 6:03am EST when it moves into romantic, fair minded Libra. The day may feel a bit woozy as we are dealing with the afterglow of the full moon in […]

Full Worm Storm Moon from Indiana 3-8/3-9-2020

March 9, 2020


Full Storm Moon 3-8-2020 rising over our back yard.

Personal Power Tools 03-09-2020 #fullwormmoon #fullstormmoon

March 8, 2020


03-09-2020 Personal Power Tools from the Amber Light cc 2003-2020 A BIG DAY FULL OF BIG ENERGY!!! The moon Rises on the Cusp of Full Sunday evening and continues to build all night and throughout our morning becoming exact at 1:48pm EST. It will rise Monday evening full with just a wee bit of the […]

The Sky Tonight in Indiana 03-03-2020

March 3, 2020


Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 02-11-2020

February 10, 2020


      Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020 02-11-2020 The waning Virgo moon will be void of course starting early afternoon 1:26pm EST until 6:37pm EST. At that time we move into the romantic, fair and judgmental Libra. Detail work and self-improvement are where our focus will best used. Grounded earth […]

Full Moon 02-09-2020 Indiana Sky

February 9, 2020


#theamberlight #thebestthing #fullsnowmoon #fullstormmoon #newyearofthetrees #tuBshevat

Personal Power Colors and Moon Phase 02-09-2020

February 8, 2020


  Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020 02-09-2020 Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light cc 2003-2020 The Leo Moon is Full at 2:33 am EST. The energy of today will be similar to yesterday, click here for that post. The moon goes #voidofcourse at 11:08 am EST through 6:39pm EST. That […]