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Super Full Blue Blood Snow Moon

January 30, 2018


I found the most wonderful mischievous Sprite playing with the lovely Luna tonight!!!! #rewardsfortrying #iloveNature #fullmoonfrolick This Elf is so Awesome!!!!!!! Advertisements

Full Wind Moon 2017

April 11, 2017


For my friends, my loves, all of you…I got some footage of our beautiful Luna this morning with the Robins good morning sing Songs. Thinking of my Uncle Bob and thanking him for sharing his love of the Still Frame with me. We celebrate you, dear friend, and know that you are happy and rewarded […]

Power Colors  March 22 Wednesday

March 22, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: Honey, Brown, yellow, orange, green Oh the day that is #BonJovi day in Indiana. Enjoy ladies!!! And Gentlemen!!! Yes, 50% of the workforce in Indiana will be out tomorrow due to the Bon Jovi flu. You gotta Love a love like that. Clear and beautiful, wild and blustery. […]

Power Colors: March 13, , Monday

March 12, 2017


Our Full Worm Moon colors to wear today personal energy boosting: Tan, white, lavender, silver This is the moon of beginning to emerge. The energy is about surviving to be reborn. Find the places you need to allow yourself to grow. The areas you have been critical of for too many years. Then show yourself […]

Power Colors: March 2 Thursday

March 1, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Green, aqua, white, purple, crimson Waxing Taurus moon A great day for speaking, sharing ideas. Writing out goals, changing our habits, starting projects, ending things permanently are all favored today. This energy has long lasting power, so be sure you want to make the change or commitment because it will […]

Power Colors: February 25 Saturday

February 24, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Black, silver, blue, brown Aquarius moon…New Moon Rising! Opportunity for unique solutions and group efforts. Collaborators are favored. Wild ideas and unexpected changes. Surprise and the feeling we need to be free as common. This is a great time to write it goals, make vision boards, write affirmations, and letters […]

Capricorn Moon Good Morning Indiana Spring

February 23, 2017