Grief-Depression Relief Aids for Everyone

Posted on July 13, 2011


I keep hearing this from everyone, so I thought I would post some tools anyone can use to help relieve the overwhelming feelings of grief and disappointment we are all feeling as a world right now.

The color orange (even under your clothes) in any form…have it with you all the time. Eat carrots, peaches, pumpkin, orange Popsicle, get creative. Carry an orange rock or wear orange jewelry. Also, an apache tear if you have one, carry all the time. Onyx and rose quartz are also very good to carry with you and have on the table or desk near you. Pet an orange animal.

Orange kitty-Pookie

Envisioning the energy center located in the middle of your chest glowing with orange light will help to move through the waves of grief more quickly.
Lay or sit quietly. Relax, close your eyes and take 3-5 deep breaths in and out slowly, relaxing your shoulders and face more with each one.
Once you are comfortable, imagine, envision and then feel orange light glowing from the center of your chest. With each in and out breath, the glowing light will encompass more and more of your body and being, until you are entirely encased in orange.
Stay in that state for several breaths, 10-20. When you are ready, slowly let the light fade away in any direction it wants to flow away.
This exercise works directly on the heart energy center and helps to cleanse and uplift our emotions.
Whatever shade of orange you envision is the shade you need, no need to worry about picking the “right” shade.

This is also an exercise you can do to learn how to balance the flow of energy in all of your main energy centers. Start with the heart, using green light and repeat the above exercise.

This is the best energy center (also known as chakra) to start with for those who are new to learning about and understanding about how this type of energy works together with our bodies.

The area that is green in the above picture is the heart energy center. It is okay to use the orange light here when working to get rid of grief and depression. That is the area you want to work with as it connects the upper and lower energy centers, mucha as the physical heart connects our upper and lower body.
Here is how I made a anti-crying/anti-grieving picture board for my Mom. You can do the same for yourself or someone you know. Be sure to use pictures that do not have any sentimental connection, that will help to avoid any sad feelings you (or whoever) might have to the people, animals or places in the pics.

I got some pics out of my box, and took a piece of cardboard. I put some orange/yellow construction paper on the back ground. Three fairy appliqué, a few pics of crocus, a lily, a hibiscus. I put a couple of some houses in the Smokey mountains, then 2-3 shots of the city of Chicago from the Sears tower, one of balloons rising up over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on race day, a door w/morning glories vining over it. A shot of the inside of a miniature castle at the Museum of Science and Industry. In the top center a pic of a light house with the beacon light shining right toward you.

Anyway, I was looking for orangey stuff to help with her grief, up lifting stuff to help her feel like she can “rise above” any challenge, the city so she can remember there are lots of places to go in the world. The doll house shot has a stair case, again uplifting, going up. Plus it feels like you are looking in from above, uplifting.

To make one of these for yourself use old photos, newspaper/magazine pic, computer printouts. Be sure to include some orange, even if you don’t really like it. It is a key helper.


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Amber Delwey