From Spider Bite to Flesh Eating Aliens (Act I)

Posted on December 13, 2011


Warning:Some pictures of this wound may make people queasy.

The saying comes to mind, “No good deed goes unpunished”. As always, I try to take all situations and say “How can I find The Best in these circumstances. At what angle do I have to perceive the pieces of reality to see that there is something supportive, uplifting and positive in them?”

Today I am wondering this as I sit here with any itchy face and two spider bites on my chin. Mom is mad b/c she wanted me to go to the doctor yesterday, but I waited until today to see if it continues to get better. It seems to be even better.

I made a baking soda compote and put it on under a band aid this morning. It is still on there right now. It is still itchy and under my chin is sore to touch, but not as bad as yesterday. The only areas that are red are at the entry of the bite, not the skin around it. My face is kind of itchy on that side, but otherwise, seems okay. No double vision or sick to my stomach.

What is left of the baking soda compote.

I just took the band aid off to let them breathe and put some anti-biotic ointment on them. They are not itchy right now.

The mystery remains of where I got bit. I am sure no matter where it happened, my brother will say it is because I would not kill a spider he asked me to kill a couple of weeks ago. I do not kill spiders unless they are crawling on me or the area I am sitting, etc. I usually put them out side to eat more bugs. Plus I have learned in more that one place that spiders bring money and abundance with them, so I do not want to kill that energy flow.

I think I got it cleaning in my mom’s room Saturday. We moved a bunch of totes that had been closed up for a while. I especially suspect the artificial tree that I took out of a tote and out in garbage bags. (I am gonna set that up here at work.) I just can’t quite remember if I my chin felt sore Saturday night or not. I think it did.

I thought it was a break out from some new face cream I had been using, so I did not even look at it closely at all until Tuesday morning (Nov. 22, 2011).

**Here it must be noted that I am writing the end of this two weeks after it was started. Because what I thought was a nasty spider bite turned into something much worse.**

It doesn't look like I have been invaded...but they are in there!

After inspecting the two, what looked to be, holes in my face it was decided that something had bitten me. I called my doctor who was not in. So off to the med check I went on Wednesday. They were not sure what it was so I got an anti-biotic cream (Rx strength) and 500mg of Keflex three times a day. I start the cream right away, but not the anti-biotic. I really do not like using them and wanted to see if the cream would take care of the issue. (Remember, I am thinking this is an insect bite right now.)

Meanwhile, the tender soreness in my chin had lessened, but the swelling in my glands had not. And the joint in my jaw had been aching as well. The sores were not going away either, but they seemed to be changing. Not getting worse or better, just changing. When Mom saw me on Thanksgiving Day, she said it looked like I had a pocket of infection around the wound and should be taking the dreaded anti-biotic. Given the fact that I was not seeing any real improvement, I relented and began taking only TWO of the Keflex per day, plus the ointment.

One day over that long weekend, after a hot shower, there was some infection that came out of the wound. I tried to get as much out as possible and applied more ointment liberally. (And washed my hands well afterwards.)

Looks pretty nasty here. Prior to my doctor visit on this morning 11-28-2011

***Act II will post tomorrow, which will have the end of this scary facial infection.***