Blue Russian Sage Sticks

Posted on June 4, 2012



Rolling Sage is Easy. I used the sage from my yard which is Russian Blue. I hand picked it.



Make them about 18 inches long. Use regular thread. Whatever color you feel suits the energy of the day you are making the sticks.

Take 4-6 sprigs and place them together, smoothing the leaves to lay down toward the stem. Take three feet (one outstretched arms length) of thread.

Find the middle of the thread, wrap a few times around the bottoms of the stems.



Then wrap the thread using medium pressure to the top. Wrap back toward the bas if ou have left over. Leave a tail to tie to the other end. Then do the same, using an opposite wrapping motion with the other half of the thread.

Then take a section of newspaper, folded into and place the sage stick inside. Fold over and roll stick up and down a few times to tighten. Do not roll too tight or they will not dry out properly or burn.


Leave the sticks to dry out of the sun for one to two weeks. Use to cleanse your space as needed. Suggestions would be after a fight, tragic event, bad news or stressful time.