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Wednesday at the Office

March 15, 2017


 Just thought l would share my cute knit dress with the gored skirt and the daffodils I had to pick last night that did bloom! They were frozen.  #ootd #glamourfab in honor of my Hawt sister who had to put her daily fashion icon posts on hold for a minute. Can’t wait for her to […]

Power Colors: March 6 Monday

March 5, 2017


Today’s personal energy boosting colors: Silver, lavender, White, cream We are feeling slow and relationship issues are going to be gone over again. Double check finances and all numbers. Be sure you get your correct change, and watch for math mistakes. Measure twice cut once. Talkative and a bit jittery, be careful not to jump […]

Overcome Grief Naturally

February 7, 2017


Grief is one of the major emotions we deal with as human beings. As we become more experienced in life, we deal with more instances that cause us to grieve. Grief can be debilitating, life-consuming with effects that disrupt our entire sense of normal. It is also subtle, happening daily on levels that we tend […]

Zucchini Blondies | Domino Sugar

August 9, 2015


Zucchini Blondies | Domino Sugar.   Just made these…they smellllll heavenLY!   Pics to follow!

Sunrise, Sunset Indiana Winter 2-23-2015

February 23, 2015


Full Leo Moon and Jupiter February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015


The heavens have been putting on quite a show this week and tonight was no exception. Here are the shots I captured…I almost missed the whole thing, as cloud cover came in before I got out. Jupiter is to the lower left of the Moon, which is in the upper right of the picture. I […]

Indiana Sunrise 01-05-2015

January 5, 2015


One year ago this date I fell ill with the deadly influenza. Thankful today is not like that.