There’s A Little Black Spot on the Sun Today-Pre-Eclipse Energy Flow Report

Posted on June 5, 2012


June 4 2012 Sunsset..pre-eclispe of Venus, post-eclipse of moon


Talk about a major energy wake! Imagine that the planets are boats and space is the sea. As the planets move through space, they leave a wake much like a boat does in water.  In the case of the Sun, it has been getting “splashed” in the face quite a lot in the past two weeks. First the Solar eclipse that has the moon doing a complete slide job on old Sol. Next come the Earth herself, which just came between the Moon and Sun Sunday evening.

This evening, another big spray will be left as Venus (the relationship, material security energy) “crosses” the face of the Sun (the energy that rules our personalities).We can expect relationship issues to come into focus as well as our safety and security. The energy of lasting, steadfast progress, built upon the foundation of old ways in innovative, fresh ways colors this event. Expect to see changes that will last the rest of this lifetime in relationships that we feel identify who we are (even if they DO NOT actually define WHO WE ARE).

I am getting a welders lens to look at and photograph the eclipse tonight. Look for a post eclipse blog of the pictures.

This is one of the most intense, change-filled, surprising, action-packed periods of this major celestial moment in our solar system and galaxy. If it feels like you are in a whirlwind, good or bad, we are. Tighten the safety harness and enjoy the ride. It is half of the reason we are Human Beings. To enjoy and experience the physical, conveying that joy to the Being through our energy.

Good days for harvesting, taking action steps to end one phase and begin another, changing or enforcing behavior changes to improve our health and happiness.

Oh and yes, accidents due to inattention/carelessness are likely as well as overlooking important things. Be careful and triple check everything!