Feeling the Struggle of the Universal Energy Flow

Posted on June 3, 2012


Not sure why there is a ‘bite’ out of the bottom of the moon here?!


You know, when a person is IN a situation, sometimes they cannot see the limits and issues that need to be overcome. That is where a good coach comes in handy. I watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels and it occurs to me tat everyone can use a coach over a therapist. Including me.


Anyway, I have been struggling with the flow of the universe and I know it shows in my blogging. The lack there of actually.

I am sure that all of you have notices challenge had been the operative word over the past few weeks. We are in an intense and amazing energy flow for the entire year. That is why it seems that every month brings with it unexpected and never before thought of events. Keep those belts pulled tight because the ride promises to get more interesting as the year goes on.

Anyway< I have been struggling with committing time, resources and mostly myself to changing with circumstances to support The Amber Light and all that goes with it.

The Energy Flow Report has suffered because of this ‘bump’ in my road. For that I will do more to rectify my disorientation as the report is important.  It is useful and I see that many people enjoy reading and using it.

Three new books need to be written, an advertisement to place and a new workshop to put together.

All the while licking wounds from various “blows” dealt from the Universal energy flow.

The week starts with high energy of the Full moon. Upbeat, optimistic and expansive, our horizons, future plans and sharing with others will be highlighted as we start our week. There is some tension and tendency to say things without thinking first. Use the ten count to help keep your foot out of your mouth. Walk away if someone else goes overboard with their mouth.

Enjoy the day. I will continue to pick myself up and get this train back on the track. New stuff and revamped web pages will all be part of the next few weeks. Thanks for you support and much love to all!!!