My Bad Back

Posted on August 31, 2011


I am holed up at home, lying flat most of the time since Monday afternoon. Can’t do a lot lying in bed.

My back has been out-of-place since last Tuesday or so.

I went to the chiropractor twice, applied ice and heat (ice was better), took some ibuprofen with a muscle relaxer once a day and waited.

Not sure what motion I am waiting on or when, but it is the moment the back mysteriously goes back into place as swiftly as it went out.

Anyone who has a bad back knows the drill. Walking along, minding your own business, perhaps reached for something while turning your head, and BAM! The little disk slides out and you might sink to your knees. What’s that about anyway?

How I have been feeling all week!

I think I finally got it to go back in this morning. After spending a sick day at home yesterday not doing much, I got up this morning and I could feel which one was still out.

I then proceeded to stretch the bottom of my back (lower) from child’s pose (face down, knees drawn up to chest, bottom up in the air). After that, I sat on the sofa cushion, wrapped one leg over the other sitting very straight, twisted myself to the right feeling the blissful click and hearing the pop deep inside my back.

I was pulling my self with my arms above my head.

Then to relax and try not to let it slide right back out. That is the danger with the loose back. Once the muscles spasm around an area, they can and will pull a vertebrae right back out.

I felt tingling and burning in my lower back and hip, then some pain, but not the same deep pain as when it was out. I got it! Yay!!!

Then I laid down flat on my back for over an hour (with some Biofreeze on the area). When I got up, still sore, but the sharp pains are subsiding.

My husband asked me earlier in the week which area of my back (what a question, it is so bad we talk about the AREAS that might go out) I would rather have to deal with; my neck and shoulder or lower back/hip.

I officially say neither. I could not even sleep last night b/c the pain woke me up when I turned over.

Tonight I will be cautious as to not throw it out again, so I will have to sleep only on my back once more.

At least it is in healing phase at this moment. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the muscle tightness does not travel up my back and get some other part.

One final note, it seems to me the every time I have a back issue it is during the same time as the energy flow has issue with communication, electronics and travel. Perhaps the flow has finally shifted enough for my spine to realign, thankfully!

The Best Thing feels like this, relaxed, safe, comfortable, loved.

Hope everyone is enjoying the week and remember:

The Best Thing is not pre-set. It is limitless and ever-expanding, changing and becoming something different in every moment. That is why even in the most trying, inconceivable moments we have to remember that The Creator made us to have The Best and this moment is The Best because it will lead us to the next Best moment, regardless of how our Human mind views it.


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