Gut Check-How to Hone Your Intuition Now

Posted on August 22, 2011


This question has come at me from several directions in the past few days. What is intuition? Who has it? How do you know when you are “having/using” it?

As for who has it? Everyone. Period. Actually everything that has form has intuition on some level. When we are children, we depend on our intuition to guide us and embrace it readily. As we pass our seventh birthday however, we become more Human minded and lose the trust and certainty of knowing things through the Being spirit.

Where does this feeling come from? The Creator. Intuition is our ability to “tune in” to the vibration of The Creator. It is how we can know for sure that we are making the best choice, regardless of how it may seem on the surface. We are all made with the vibration of The Creator in us (everything is). It seems logical that we should be able to hone in on, or tune in to, that vibration. Intuition is the ability to recognize and sense Universal Energy.

Cover from "The Best Thing", first edition, cc2010

Below you will find the definition as I understand it from practice and study.

From my book, “The Best Thing”:

“INTUITION (-ative)     : The ability to perceive the unseen energy that is present in all matter. Can be referred to as a “gut instinct” or “innate feeling”. Most often described with a sentence that starts off with “I had a feeling…” or “I should have followed my instincts…” A way of knowing something without having access to any physical information about it.”

When you are trying to use your intuition to guide you with a decision, you must take some quiet time to immerse yourself in each scenario as you do the following exercise:

First, do this when you have at least three to ten minutes or more alone time. Sit or lay comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply three to five times, in through your nose, out through your mouth. If you have a sinus or breathing challenge, breathe in and out as you are comfortable.

With your eyes closed, take your self back to a moment in time that you knew deep in the core of your Human Being that The Best Thing had happened. It may be as simple as the decision to take the long way home and you avoided a big accident to the day you met your best friend or spouse.

Go to that moment and really immerse yourself in the way your entire body feels when thinking of this. Feel the lightness in the center of your chest, almost an excited feeling. Feel your face relax and maybe even begin to smile as you recall the peace and joy you felt at that time. Notice that your legs and arms will be feeling a bit less tense as well. This is the feeling you want to put in your conscious mind as a comparison for what you experience daily.

You may do this exercise as often as you wish. As you become more comfortable with immersing yourself in a particular scenario, you will find yourself being able to do it without having to go to a quiet place with no distractions. When this happens, you will know you are learning to use this sense first, instead of the Human mind which is often clouded by pre-loaded information (which may or may not apply this time).

 Intuition is designed to help you to recognize the best flow of Universal energy. This is very important to use when making plans or decisions. This powerful tool of perception and recognition of the Universal energy flow will enhance the efforts of all other tools. It does so because when the user is tuned to the flow of The Best Thing, all the other tools and actions in use are placing an order for an energy flow that is going to result in The Best Thing.” (from my book “The Best Thing”)

This describes what your intuition feels like and how you can learn to tune into it anytime. Simply substitute the various choices you are faced with and go to the moment when everything has already happened (visualize as if ) and the end is here. The one that makes you feel warm, safe and at peace is the one that your core resonates with. When you are learning to use your intuition to guide you with a decision, you must take some quiet time to immerse yourself in each scenario as you do the following exercise.

This is especially helpful as you are beginning to recognize what intuition feels like, helping you to learn to trust that feeling when you have it on the fly. This is the innate sense that tells you when you are making The Best decision for that moment. This is the direction that will have The Best balance for both your Human and your Being. This may or may not agree with what our “minds” tell us or those with whom we might consult.

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