Energy Flow Report Monday-Thursday August 29-September 1, 2011

Posted on August 29, 2011


Energy Flow Report Monday-Tuesday August 29-30, 2011

Who ever would think that a Monday could feel so good?  No, we are not going crazy; the energy flow really is uplifting, exciting and energetic now.

What’s that? You’ve been thinking about your health (and that of your dearest people/pets) and deciding you are gonna do something new and different to really promote a healthier body overall? Great, this next month is full of support for that. 

We are still accident prone, and having blockage issues with communication, travel, electronic and errors that will have to be straightened out.

Sunset at the Indiana State Fair August 12, 2011

Monday is feeling goooo-oood and is affirmation that things are going to start moving along. Take one active step (meaning not thought or visualizing) toward that dream that you have been working for so long.

We can look for an opportunity that will help move us to the next phase finally! Take a walk of do some stretching, sign up for a step class, yoga, whatever is calling to you. (Seems Zumba is very popular right now.)

Making room for new is supported and launch new aspects of ongoing projects or new phases of life are supported as well.

Cosmo never over does it (except when eating!)


Tuesday be aware of a tendency to over do it. Our exuberance will be on high and we could be so excited or apprehensive about the events of the moment we will get carried away. Charisma is on high and we might even meet the next love of our life or re-kindle the passion in long-term relationships now. We may also have a challenging event that began two years ago come to the surface again. The nice thing is our heads and hearts are in a different place, giving us new and hopefully wiser perspective on this life altering event. Again, take an active step in the direction of your new health imitative, even a small one. Momentum is everything. And we have the energy to support moment right now so use it! We will see the new direction clearly. Things will progress along, but slowly until the first of the year when they will begin to pick up steam again


Wednesday through Thursday morning August 31-September 1, 2011

Great days for meetings and working on the action plans for the new ideas and directions we are headed. We will be feeling frugal, which is a good thing. What makes us feel secure and sensible ways to achieve that will be on our minds now. It will help to keep our wild ideas in check. We will be feeling romantic and social, enjoy. The blocks and feeling that we are walking through quicksand to get stuff done is starting to lift. Expect people to be justice minded and want to see fairness in situations. We may also be overly judgmental, so stop yourself if you get carried away on what you think is “right”. Try to remember what is ‘right’ (really Best) for one is not the same for everyone.

Pookie using Tuxx for a pillow Aug. 2011


Everyone have a great week and remember, extending opportunities to others is also a part of this flow. We will all have a chance to pay it forward to someone who needs our help/expertise, which is another exciting aspect of this week. Enjoy!

Daily Personal Power Colors 

Monday- Monday’s energy supports dreams and memories. Monday’s colors are white, cream, silver and gray.

Tuesday- Tuesday’s energy supports actively pursuing your passions and desires. Tuesday’s colors are black, red, silver.

Wednesday- Wednesday’s energy supports communication and connection on all levels. Wednesday’ colors are brown, yellow, golden.

Thursday- Thursday energy supports expanding our vision and insight on all levels. Thursday’s colors are green, purple, turquoise, burgundy.

Friday- Friday’s energy supports sharing in your relationships on every level. Friday’s colors are pinks, purples, oranges.


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