Wednesday 9-26-2012 Power Colors & Energy Flow

Posted on September 25, 2012


Power colors to wear and use:

Green, Brown, Yellow, Gold

Yes, everything is wound up as tight as it can be. Ripe for an explosion. Expect some as the week progresses.

We are headed to a full moon. Today is a day to learn, share, absorb and expand our knowledge base. Soak it up, talk about it and let your imagination run wild a bit. Doing fun things with friends and groups is even better.

We are still feeling the push and pull of freedom versus rules. Relationships have been taking a beating this year and we are headed to the final turn that will be the direction we head. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a passionate date for love, either in being amourous OR in stating why we need to make a major change. If fighting seems to be the path for you, walking away can help to diffuse. Also saying waht needs to be said, honestly without holding grudges is The Best way to use this energy. Passionate love making coudl be in the cards as well.

Engaging conversations, mind expanding meetings and new information are all in the offing today. Enjoy and share!

August 31, 2012 blue full moon

A full hot summer moon on August 1, 2012