September Full of Beauty Harvest Moon (and Rock Charging) – Oh and Power Colors Too!

Posted on September 29, 2012


The full moon rising last night.



A bunch of rocks basking in the glow of the Harvest Moon.




LOTS of gemstones




A bright orb illuminating all the things we need to act upon.




Sunrise this morning…what a GLORIOUS day!!!



What a beautiful clear night here!!!



Sunday Power Colors:  Orange, Gold, Yellow, Beige


The after glow of the full moon will have us looking at everything in a stark, bright light. Do not be afraid. Acknowledge the things that come to the fore which are in need of changing. Make plans to tackle ONE, and note the others. Allow for the difficulties that will accompany changing our “typical” behavior. Discipline will be the key.. and there is NO Mommy or Daddy to enforce it. WE have to be responsible enough to CHANGE OURSELVES . And we can…and we will!!!

Enjoy this night and take time to absorb the vibrance of this Moon, even if the clouds may cover it from eyesight…intuiton will pick up the waves!

Much Love to All!!!!!!!!1 AmberLena