Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow 9-27-2012

Posted on September 26, 2012


Colors for today: Turquoise, green, burgundy and white.

We are building to the full  moon Saturday. Passions are high. Relationships are in the spotlight. Expect to have intense, passion filled discussions about relationships that are working and those that are not. We are not in the mood to forgive long-standing poor treatment. If one of those issues comes up, expect the person who has been on the short end to speak up. They are even likely put an end to or demand a real, major change to an unhealthy partnerships.

Physical passion will also be on high. It will be a good day for intimate, romantic encounters as well. There is a fine line between fighting and hot passion. If we stay on the fun side, we can have a spectacular time.

As far as children go, expect pushing the limits and challenging authority. Try not to get caught up in the wave that may cause us to over-react. Find balance in instruction.

Dreams will be vivid and full of messages. This lasts all weekend as well. Keep your paper handy and get the interpreted if possible. Intuition will also be heightened, pay attention to your gut feelings and follow them.


A snow crocus blooming in September.