Personal Power Tools 03-06-2020

Posted on March 5, 2020



My purple crocus bloomed today. The sun made them glow like neon.

Personal Power Tools from The Amber Light

#energyflow report: The homey Cancer moon goes #voidofcourse early morning ET at 2:11am until it arrives in fun and outgoing Leo at 4:27am EST. Leo and Pisces like each other as fine friends and bosom pals so this is a good feeling Sun-Moon combo leading to the Full Moon Monday. This will help with the other issue which is Mercury slowing to a stop (yes again) as it gets ready to begin forward motion again. YAY! Spring can begin to Fling for realz!

Personal Power Tools: Coral, Orange, White, Pink, Red

Personal Power Goal: Do something fun and enjoyable over the next 48 hours. Robust, honest conversations about those deep issues we have been going over the past few days are good use of this energy. Also doing something uplifting either at home (since many of us are in the #stayathome mode) or as an outing will help us harness the positive vibe of these days.

Personal Power Tip: In the face of the uncertainty and uncharted social behavior we are facing, this is a good time to remind everyone of the things we can do to help relieve some of the grief we are feeling and will continue to feel as the gravity of this global event unfolds.

Click here to read simple tools you can do and use at home to help sooth the heartache and grief we are all sharing.

Please understand that we are ALL GRIEVING all of the time. On some slight level and everywhere in between. At this moment of time on this Earth, it is acute and widespread. We need all the help we an get to cope.

Stay safe, and much Love to All who pass this way. AmberLena PDLV