Personal Power Tools 03-09-2020 #fullwormmoon #fullstormmoon

Posted on March 8, 2020



Personal Power Tools from the Amber Light cc 2003-2020

Most of you have seen this one but it is missing the #mercuryretrograde news that is celebration worthy!

A BIG DAY FULL OF BIG ENERGY!!! The moon Rises on the Cusp of Full Sunday evening and continues to build all night and throughout our morning becoming exact at 1:48pm EST. It will rise Monday evening full with just a wee bit of the edge off. This is our second full moon of the Lunar year and the moon that ushers in growth and expansion. The second major event of the day so when Mercury STOPS at 11:49pm EST to begin the forward motion that will take us out of the retrograde period. We have one more week of rough times and chaos before we will finally see things begin to smooth out and settle.

Personal Power Colors: Lavender, Tan, Ivory, White, Silver

Personal Power Goal: Health is the focus of this moon energy. Dreams and visions are Pisces vibe. Put these two together to find the areas in our lives that need specific care and healthy support in order for us to accomplish our goals.

Personal Power Tip: Virgo is about the details and getting rid of the excess, extras and stuff that is weighing us down, holding us back. Health and finances are the two major areas that Virgo relates to, so make these areas the places we look to improve well-being and make our life foundation more secure and sturdy. ^^^Be aware of a tendency to nit-pick too much, get too attached to the smallest detail and to be overly critical as this will slow us down and lead to unnecessary arguments, which will also slow us down.