My Bad Back – Motivation Annihilator

Posted on September 23, 2011


My back has tried to get the best of me. It has sucked all of my motivation and drive into some unknown vortex.

Since August 19th I have been held hostage by one of mankind’s most fearsome foes ~ Back Pain.

A whole MONTH!!! Time to GO!!!!

Back Pain is a total drag for so many reasons. Back Pain, depending on how severe it is, has the ability to render the unlucky target immobile in an instant. There have been times where I have reached for something and suddenly been hit from behind for no apparent reason. Most of the time this happens in my neck and shoulder area. I have made that same motion many times before, but at that particular time I must have been Back Pain’s target for the day.

Trying to escape the clutches of Back Pain when it first grabs me looks almost like some crazy fad dancing. The arms wiggle and flail. The head and neck begin swiveling in a manner that would make Linda Blair proud.

I may try lying down and stretching my neck, shoulders and back, but all will be to no avail once the disk has slipped and made room for the dreaded visit of Back Pain. 

Looks like Back Pain is stalking her too!

This particular event was much worse than the neck area. It happened in my lower back. Somehow, the infidel slipped into an area that had only been visited once before. And boy, what a stay! Long after Back Pain had worn a hole in its welcome, I was dealing with the daily ritual of trying to sit up in bed, getting my legs over the edge of the bed, then taking a deep breath and exhaling as I stood, holding onto the bed and trying desperately not to shriek in pain.

After having to call into work to tell them I could not make it up the stairs for a third time, I made a doctor appointment. I thought perhaps Back Pain had invited his big auntie, Bulgina Diskis to check me out as a possible new residence.

The doctor said he did not think it was my spine (although after four trips to the chiropractor yielding multiple pops and cracks each time, I think it maybe a bit of both), he determined it was muscular. He prescribed a couple of medications that will help to calm Back Pain, but not get rid of it. He also suggested physical therapy.

After finding out that my spine was likely in good shape and Aunt Bulgina would not be staying after all, I called my favorite massage therapist. I could tell Back Pain was not happy about this move. It knows the super powers that lie within the Hands of this talented person.

How I felt (not how I looked) when I found out I could see my "Pain Slayer"

And Guess What?! It was indeed my lucky day, because he had an opening within a couple of hours. I went right over and he began the tedious and excruciating (for me at least) task of trying to evict Back Pain.

When I say that it hurt so good, I mean I was in agony a few times as my therapist maneuvered my lower back, hips, pelvic and torso muscles. He stretched, pulled pushed, propped and used his elbow to NOT gently loosen the steely grip of Back Pain. When he finally had to stop, (I could have let him work for another hour…he never worked any other part of my body, so now the rest of my muscles are like so jealous!), I could I immediately tell a difference, although I still was in quite a bit of pain and very stiff.

The next day, man-o-man was I sore. Tender to the touch, stiff and still in some pain, but with great relief I could sense that Back Pain was finally packing its belongings. I prayed a prayer of thanks that I knew of someone who could help me and was able to see that person. That was nine days ago. I am still stiff, a bit sore but only about 10% of where I was then. I have another appointment with the ‘Pain Slayer’ next Thursday. Given the fact that I am still feeling its presence, I know very well that Back Pain left a few of its things behind. It seems I will have to be diligent this time if I want to be fully shod of this nemesis.

Everyone needs a hand now and then.

And though I know it will always find a way to return, I also know that exercise and regular massage can fend off such prolonged and acute visits.

Now, how do I gat some assistance from the Motivation Fairy to help get me up and moving everyday?