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Energy Flow Report Oct. 31 – Nov. 3, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

October 31, 2011


A more fun feeling week than last, although just as active. We are in a haze most of the week, find out how best to use the dreamy, fantasizing energy.

Wednesday October 26, 2011 Energy Flow Important Update!

October 26, 2011


A big energy wave is in store today. Find out how it will affect everyone with passion and opportunity.

Energy Flow Report October 18-21, 2011 & Daily Power Colors

October 18, 2011


A spiritual and vision filled week. Our intuition and abiltiy to read others is on high this week, so pay attention to those "feelings" you get.

The Universe is Speaking Loudly Today!

June 21, 2011


Check out this response I wrote for one friend that was actually meant for everyone! Plus a warning of why you feel like speaking your mind to day and why you may NOT want to do that unless you take time to THINK first!

Is Yoga “evil”? or What is Universal Energy?

June 11, 2011


Are you wondering if yoga, meditiation and other forms of self-improvement could be "the devil in disguise'? This blog explains why that every method of self improvement is good, helpful and was made by the one and only Creator of the Universe for humans to use to assist us to be our Best during in every life.

Energy Flow Report May 2-3, 2011 & the Daily Power Colors

May 2, 2011


The week starts a little slow, but we can feel the impending release as we get closer to end of this week. Our luck, our speech and our spending are all highlighted! And as always our daily power colors!

Energy Flow Report April 27-28, 2011 with Daily Power Colors

April 27, 2011


The Energy Flow for today and tomorrow (April 27-28, 2011). What to watch for as a wave of passion engulfs us today. Plus the Daily Power Colors!

Energy Flow Report April 19, 2011 w/Daily Power Colors

April 19, 2011


Another rainy day in Indy! Find out how the mood will be plus the daily power colors for today and tomorrow (so you can plan ahead!)

Full Moon Weekend Energy FLow April 16-17, 2011

April 16, 2011


A fun, action packed weekend. Time for gatherings, parties, and romantic getaways. The daily power colors and things to watch for both supportive and challening for this Full Moon Weekend! (Sunday night!)

Energy Flow Report April 5-9, 2011

April 6, 2011


This week's energy flow report with a sneak peek at next week. Find out what to do and what to avoid over the couple of weeks. Plan your time more efficiently knowing which days will be most supportive of what activity. Find out which days to party and why you should double check eerything you do right now!