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Power Colors: March 20 Monday

March 19, 2017


Personal energy boosting colors to wear today: Lavender​, tan, white, silver Oh the carnage that is the lead up to Mercury Retrograde.  Do everyone a favor and BE SO VERY VERY CAREFUL. This energy flow has already proven to be deadly, and danger filled. Mis-steps, misinformation, mis-judgements, misques…. You get the drift. Triple check all […]

Mercury “Retrograde”: How it Works

February 14, 2015


For Stacey and everyone else in my life that wonders how the heck we get through this three times per year rough patch without killing and maiming. Okay: First part of the lesson is how Universal Energy Works. Luckily there is an easy analogy. Think of the “space” between everything in the Universe as water-like. […]

Amber Light BOLO 2-28-2014

February 28, 2014


Accidents, miss-haps, misunderstanding, misinformation, missing pieces are all in the mix today and through the weekend. It is exactly a time for over looking important details. Our emotions and intuition are very heightened. Creative expressions will be the best use of our time, or enjoying those of others. Clarity is impossible until next week. We […]

Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report July 18, 2013

July 17, 2013


First things First….Happy Birthday Fran!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you SO MUCH and are very glad to have you as part of our family! We are lucky you found us and love knowing you will always be ours!!! Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Turquoise, Purple, White, Burgundy Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Red Thursday […]

Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, White, Silver, Red Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, Brown, Gold, Orange The day is beginning (everywhere) slow and disjointed. Our week will be rough, with lots of challenges, blocks, stopped and in all ways kind of jacked up. Do not fear, we are approaching the end of this rough […]

Amber Light Keys for the Day July 8-9, 2013

July 8, 2013


  Extra sensitive, especially when the words/actions resonate close to the core of truth. Take care to follow the crab’s tactic and pull into your shell if need be to keep from being too hurt. Our intuition and dreams are prophetic. Write them down and have them analyzed., no charge. Nothing lasts forever. This […]

Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report July 3-6, 2013

July 3, 2013


Wednesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Green Thursday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Turquoise, White, Purple, Green Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Blue, Brown, Black, Silver Our Wednesday (into Thursday for the Eastern half) continues to be good for doing business, especially follow up, until 4:40 p.m. […]