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Daily Colors to Boost Your Energy and Mood

January 23, 2011


Daily colors are a great way to boost your energy using the things you already own, your clothes and accessories!

#1 Success Tool-The thing you need The Most!

January 19, 2011


This is the Number one key to all the success we have had or ever will have in our lives!

Boost Your Success in 2011 and The Best Thing Update

January 18, 2011


Find out where you can hear Amber next, talking aobut her book, invention and how easily you can put your "stuff" to work attracting what you want and need in life! And news about where you can find "The Best Thing" on sale soon! :)(:

How to Use Our Ego Wisely

January 17, 2011


Stop uselessly and needlessly trying to "rid" yourself of your ego. Instead learn how to make it your partner in accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams!

January 13-14, 2011 Energy Flow and exciting news!!

January 13, 2011


Check out the latest news about my new book and what you can do to maximize the staying power of the energy flow today and towmorrow!

Today’s the day! Let’s get started!!! 01-04-2011

January 4, 2011


A glimpse at today and the next two weeks! See when fortune will be smiling on you somewhere, in some way!

Free and Easy ways to Boost Your Energy Right Now!!!

December 29, 2010


Quickly energize yourself, right now where you are for little or no cost! Useful tools for all of us who are on the go and use up every minute of every day. Learn more at

Gemstone cleaning and storage

November 5, 2010


“Gems, and Stones and Rocks Oh My! Gemstone Basics Storage: Always use a natural container to store/transport your gemstones. Glass, paper, or cloth are the best choices for this. Even a cardboard box is a better choice than metal or plastic. Metal can have an adverse reaction with some gemstones and plastic will “suffocate” them, […]

Improve your mind retention and test scores!

November 5, 2010


Find out how something as simple as carying a small stone in your pocket can help you remember things better, pay more attention and even improve your test scores!

Natural Sleep aids for everyone-Easy and Cheap

November 3, 2010


For all of us who are having trouble sleeping, for any reason you can think of, here are some quick, simple, inexpensive and FREE ways to get enohg and better sleep.