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September 2014 Super Full Moon

September 8, 2014


Here are pictures from Indiana of the beautiful full moon that is shining brightly on us lucky people in Indiana. This moment, the moon is in a totally full state. It is completely exposed with no shadow of the Earth blocking the Sun. The first pictures are from last night before bedtime, around 10:30 p.m. […]

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon Dance

August 25, 2014


6:00 a.m. Indianapolis Indiana. August 23, 2014 Canon Rebel t3 Tv setting. Manual focus. Several different exposure times.   Breathtaking and a lucky catch for me. I was not expecting them to be so dazzling. It was a bit hazy, however, still strikingly beautiful. Jupiter (above) and Venus (below).

August 2014 Morning Sky Delights-Orion and the Waning Moon

August 20, 2014


    Could I love the heavens more…probably every day. Here is a treat for all of you who were not up before daybreak and for those who were too busy getting ready for the “penitentiary” (work) to enjoy….big Indiana sky love to everyone….enjoy your mid week, the weekend is heading our way, along with […]

Love in the Morning

July 9, 2014


Venus is looking more than lovely these mornings. This morning she was shining her love light brightly. Here’s my view of the sun rising with love for Indiana:

New Moon May 28, 2014 What It Means

May 28, 2014


Communication is the highlight of the next month. How we do it and how we can be better at it, helping to attract what we need to live our best life are the areas where we need to concentrate our efforts. We will be getting messages from all types of communication source with clues on […]

Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2014 Qualifying Day #1 part #1

May 19, 2014


  A fine oak tree on the gold course at the BrickYard.           The Pagoda.   Turn One!   Does anyone know what bird this is? It flew right in front of me and lands for a picture. The famous garages at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Gasoline alley was not as busy […]

Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report may 16-19, 2014

May 16, 2014


This full moon has felt very strange indeed. It has lots of hyper minded-ness and nervous energy that goes with feeling like we need a long winter’s nap.     That is because we are at the slowest point of the reverse motion of the action energy in our lives and world. Ever walk in […]

The Fruiting Oak

May 14, 2014


This tree was cut all the way down once a few years ago. It is growing fairly near the house and we do not want foundation damage. It grew back with seven trunks! I was going to trim it back a few weeks ago when I noticed it had a tiny baby acorn growing on […]

Hunter’s Acres May 3, 2014 (part #2)

May 9, 2014



May 7, 2014 In My Backyard Today

May 8, 2014